50 years of Illustration

posted by Mel Luff December 16, 2014

50 years of Illustration, there’s a clue in the name, visually charts the history of contemporary illustration. From the idealistic reforms of the 60s, to the gritty realism of the 70s, through the boom and bust of 80s consumerism, and into the digital revolution of the 90s (and beyond). The book looks at the relationship between illustration and popular culture, and its influences on the world of design through the decades.

50 Years of Illustration – Front Cover

In a visual delight, adorned with iconic illustrations, and interspersed with essays from influential artists, it delves into the cultural, socio political and historical contexts behind each movement. Addressing the political reform, and influence of hallucinogenic drugs – evident in the expressive image making of the 60’s, embracing the DIY punk aesthetic of the 70’s and exploring the diverse illustration of a more contemporary digital culture.

50 Years of Illustration– Introduction spread

The book, released after an exhibition of the same name at The London College of Communication is written and beautifully compiled by illustrator, Lawrence Zeegan, and founder of Grafik Magazine, Caroline Roberts.

50 Years of Illustration – 9 Design
50 Years of Illustration – Chapter 2 the 1970s spread
50 Years of Illustration – Goodbye yellow brick road spread
50 Years of Illustration - Victory 1945
50 Years of Illustration - inner Spread
50 Years of Illustration - The New Yorker
50 Years of Illustration - Timeout spread
50 Years of Illustration Zeegen - Back cover

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