6 Print-based Kickstarter Projects You Should All Get Behind

We get a lot of people asking us to share their Kickstarter projects and we are more than happy to promote a project if it’s worth while. Here is a list of six print-orientated projects that you should get behind. Take some time and watch the videos and pledge some money towards one of them or all of them. No money is taken from your account until the project has ended and only if it is successfully funded. Enjoy!

Inky Collective Letterpress Studio by Jen Wright
Jen Wright of the awesome Inky Collective is raising funds to set up a London studio with a gorgeous 1950s Vicobold press along with two Adana 8×5 presses so she can run educational and fun letterpress workshops for all. Jen was at our Print Isn’t Dead magazine launch printing live for the customers, she is fantastic and really deserves this press. Let her have it by backing the project in return for awesome printed gifts and print workshops.

Back this project here: www.kck.st/1W50YIc

The rise and fall of Mel Gibson by Aidan Saunders (plus ZEEL)
Aidan is the man behind a hand-painted VW caddy known as the Print Wagon, travelling around the UK, kindly producing prints for people. He has partnered with an illustrator / effigy maker ZEEL on this awesome Mel Gibson themed exhibition which will take place at the Peckham Pelican. There are confirmed contributions by a whole bunch of illustrators — Zeel, Orson, Print Wagon, Jim Stoten, Peter Quinnell, Isabel Greenberg, Rose Blake, Nick White, WJC, Jonathan Edwards, Peter Lloyd, Lord Hurk, Michael Driver, Jack Teagle, Rob Nicol, Billy Mather, Laetitia Bocquet, Jake, Lauren Doughty, Jack Sachs, Liam Cobb, Nina Fuga, Ellie Andrews, Daryl Rainbow, Kieron Baroutchi, Pat Macdonald, Joel Millerchip, Sophy Hollington, Ed Brown, Rebecca Head, Alistair Eland and Theo Chin.

Back this project here: www.kck.st/1gx3lD9

“The Rich Mouse” by J.J. Lankes: A Limited First Printing by Tampa Book Arts Studio
A hand-bound limited letterpress edition of J.J. Lankes’s nearly-lost short story “The Rich Mouse,” with his woodcut illustrations. Lankes (1884–1960) was an American woodcut artist famous for his illustrations for books. The discovery in 2006 of the manuscript of an original unpublished Lankes story, together with the woodcuts he made to accompany it triggered the idea to bring into print his fully realized book, letterpress printed on his own Hoe Washington press. Tampa Book Arts Studio are seeking support to underwrite the direct costs of creating a special limited edition handset in a recasting of a rare American metal type—the Village type that Frederic W. Goudy designed for his own private press, the Village Press.

Back this project here: www.kck.st/1IGVvjY

Montana Book Festival
For the past 15 years, Missoula’s annual book festival has become a treasure, paying tribute to the tradition of writing in the West by bringing together authors from across the region. This year, a dedicated group of book-lovers has come together to make sure the festival continues—to build upon this event’s legacy, and also to reinvigorate the festival with new ideas and fresh perspective. What was the Humanities Montana Festival of the Book has now become the Montana Book Festival. Help them keep the festival running by backing their project.

Back this project here: www.kck.st/1gamz1d

Idle Eye – Amateur of Life and Death by Douglas John Thorp
Bone dry wit from London’s Idle Eye blog, beautifully illustrated by 20 contemporary artists & washed down with a few glasses of Pinot. Help Douglas make this book that his mother describes as “vulgar, unnecessary and unfunny…for [her].” haha.

Back this project here: www.kck.st/1gS4QfE

Finding Shelter- Portraits of Volunteers and Shelter Animals by Jesse Freidin

Jesse Freidin has been photographing dogs for the past ten years. His work has been featured in major magazines around across the globe. He’s also the creator of “The Doggie Gaga Project,” a series in which he photographed dogs dressed as Lady Gaga with Polaroid film that went viral overnight. His work has always been driven by his deep passion for animal advocacy and a near obsession with the dog/human bond. Jesse wants to tell the stories that are not being heard which is why Finding Shelter began – to give voice to a small community that is directly responsible for keeping millions of abandoned animals alive every day. For this project, he will capture the selflessness and emotional resilience of the people who give those animals their second chance, by travelling the country, visiting shelters and photographing the emotional bond between dogs and volunteer workers — finally producing a beautiful photography book.

Back this project here: www.kck.st/1f4FxFn



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