Another Escape

posted by River Jade September 13, 2013

The editors have explained their magazine so perfectly that I simply have to quote what they have said: “We all get those moments in life when we experience, if only for a second, something that utterly inspires us; we want to be a musician, a dancer, a bee keeper, a circus performer. It may be the overwhelming desire to collect new experiences, travel, or learn a new skill or language. But what if we actually played on these inspirations-turned-aspirations?” Please take the time to look at this beautiful piece of documentation. It is exactly what the duo (Rachel Maria Taylor and Jody Daunton) has set out to achieve, truly inspiring.

It is exhilarating to find individuals enthralled by their own lifestyle, people who inquisitively investigate their confines and comfortability and that feel creatively ambitious, whether it be in the most minute way or by a colossal change. We can take away from these energetic individuals fuel for our own motivation, and Another Escape looks to tap and bottle this invigorating subject matter, and subsequently encourage others to actively explore their own aspirations.

They are big fans of the printed word (and image), and they wanted to create a well designed tactile object that would slot onto your bookcase, sit on the coffee table or be slung into a rucksack. They believe that the interaction and experience that printed material allows is invaluable, and look to be a permanent fixture on your shelf.

Through their ethos they have created a magazine that looks to inspire and explore. In the future they look to expand their brand, but for now they are happy telling stories.

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