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posted by Anna Chayasatit March 24, 2014

Publishing industry is growing at its fastest rate especially during the past two decades, facing once more as big a transformation as the introduction of the printing press almost half a millennium ago. An engaging experience that digital media has to offer has changed our reading habits, one of the reasons why publishers are now trying to incorporate themselves in this burgeoning digital scene. Founded in 2010, Badlands Unlimited publish both digital and print publications, offering worldwide readers chances to enjoy groundbreaking books in a broad range of topics and genres.

Based in New York, Badlands Unlimited have grown in conjunction with the growing array of digital devices whilst aesthetic and editorial values as well as ethical standards still lie at the core of the company’s principles. They position themselves as an experimental platform for artists and writers to publish innovative contents via publications with emphases on contemporary art and culture.

Quirky, unconventional titles include an English translation of essays by Saddam Hussein called ‘On Democracy’, a series of unpublished conversations with Marcel Duchamp by Calvin Tomkins, a New Yorker’s art critic, and ‘Think Like Clouds’, a book of drawings by art historian, critic and curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist, also known as a co-director of the prestigious Serpentine Gallery.

Their ebooks are available for purchase via Apple iBooks and Amazon, whereas paper books can be found in select bookshops across the U.S. and Europe. What’s more, some titles have free pdf editions and you can acquire them directly from their website.




3D Rendition for Paul Chan’s upcoming exhibition at Schaulager Selected Works, 3D SketchUp by Paul Chan

Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews by Calvin Tomkins

Think Like Clouds by Hans-Ulrich Obrist

Think Like Clouds by Hans-Ulrich Obrist

Selected Writings 2000-2014 by Paul Chan (an upcoming book! out in April)

On Democracy by Saddam Hussein

Volition by Gregg Bordowitz

Fires of Siberia by Tréy Sager

Unlike other publishers, Badland Unlimited also offer consultation services as part of their operation. If you look to publish your work, Badlands Unlimited will be able to help you find right solutions to meet all your publishing needs.

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