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Counter Print — Logos From Japan

posted by Amber Weaver November 13, 2017

Japanese and the symbolic, pictorial character systems of China and similar countries are truly fascinating. Compared to our literal Latin alphabet, their languages are firstly an enormous bank of characters, and secondly stuffed with the cultural heritage of each country. When it comes to design, these character systems go hand in hand, as their characters (or words) already symbolise something through their pictorial elements meaning the concept can be understand on perhaps a much more valuable level.

Most recently Counter Print announce the launch of their new book, ‘Logos from Japan’, which contain a selection of symbols and logos from their beguiling country. Each logo has been carefully selected to help convey the richness, variety and vitality of Japan’s logo design. The origin of inspiration and creation came from a study that Counter Print conducted a few years ago titled ‘From Japan’, which attempted to visit their culturally intriguing country. There was much that they could include within this volume, in particular the vast sphere of logo design, which was only touched upon. Moreover ‘Logos from Japan’ presents a contemporary study of logo design with eye catching graphics and gorgeous logo designs.

In terms of Japanese design, it is certainly unique and beautiful, and seems to follow its own rules in comparison to its neighbouring nations. Through uniting traditional and modern aspects of design, the result is something that should be valued and cherished for years to come.

The book is out now and available to purchase through Counter Print here. 

Title: Logos from Japan
Price: £9.50
Published by: Counter-Print
Size: 145x210mm
Pages: 160

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