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Kevin Steele’s The Movable Book of Letterforms

posted by Alice Harrison March 22, 2016

An admirable exploration of letterforms unfolds within Graphic Designer and book artist Kevin Steele’s interactive creation. The pop up book acts as an initial introduction into the basics, origins and characteristics of letterforms. The book embeds the confident ideology that typography plays a fundamental role within the process of communication and further embeds an emphasis on the importance of the shape, styling and formation letterforms.

Kevin Steele2

The Movable Book of Letterforms details a limited colour palette of monochrome patterns with rich crimson accents. A varied injection of diverse prints are repeatedly infused prompting an optical illusion element, adopting visual contrasts through both shape and size. The movable handcrafted forms are intelligently implemented to evoke 3D symbols, playing with perspective while demonstrating the fact movable books can be educational to those of all ages.

Kevin Steele3

Kevin Steele15

Kevin Steele14

Kevin Steele13

Kevin Steele12

Kevin Steele11

Kevin Steele10

Kevin Steele9

Kevin Steele8

Kevin Steele7

Kevin Steele6

Kevin Steele5

Kevin Steele4

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