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Wallace Henning :: British Rail Corporate Identity Manual

posted by Anna Chayasatit November 23, 2015

With full agreement from the Department of Transport, graphic designer Wallace Henning has launched a new month-long Kickstarter campaign to raise money to publish a high spec reproduction of the iconic British Rail Corporate Identity Manual that will “celebrate British Rail’s identity in its entirety – not only its distinctive symbol.” Over a few hours, this new Kickstarter campaign has raised over £3,000. The goal is £40,000 and according to what we see, it should be reached fairly soon.

Initially created by Design Research Unit’s Gery Barney in 1965, the identity has become part of Britain’s identity. This new 220-page high production hardback will comprise the original four volumes of manuals and will take a modern approach to put together the core brand elements, guidance on printed publicity, guidance on architecture and signposting, rolling stock, lineside equipment, road vehicles, ships, liner trains, uniforms and stationery.

The book will also feature a Foreword by Build’s Founder and Creative Director Michael C Place, Introduction by Tony Howard, former Head of Design at British Rail and now Managing Director of Transport Design Consultancy and an Essay from Creative Director and Founder of Studio Koto, James Greenfield.

For more details and to support the project, please click here.

“Leaves on the lines, the wrong kind of snow, and soggy stale sandwiches never really helped British Rail become a brand that was truly loved by the nation. Yet, in 2011 the readers of Creative Review voted British Rail’s ‘double arrow’ as their sixth favourite logo.”

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