Fragmento Universo x VSCO | Next Level

Fragmento Universo x VSCO | Next Level

As we settle into the new year Fragmento Universo is back again with its conceptual take on the contemporary culture, this time partnering with VSCO to create this playful short, inviting metaphoric visuals decorated through a perfect pastel palette, to represent the endings and beginnings, the regrets and resolutions, of both the past and future. The obsessive detail of the still life compositions in which we can all relate presents a juxtaposing focus, an absurd distinction between beauty and ugliness, good and evil, true and false, evoking an element of surprise while the wit and intelligence infused are as equally significant as the aesthetic pleasure induced. Feature

Thomas Wirtz | By the way: typography and material behaviour

Thomas Wirtz | By the way: typography and material behaviour

Originally beginning as a design experiment, Thomas Wirtz’s By the way: typography and material behaviour has intelligently evolved into a modular system involving two main components, the self-made typography produced via 3D printing and the variety of physical processes which strikingly react with the internet jargon abbreviations. The short film guides the viewer through the multiple processes, examining the immersive behaviour of each as the reactions beautifully contrast in colour against the striking block colour backgrounds which consume the internet jargon mould prior to their reveal via texture. Feature

Street Heroines

Street Heroines

The overshadowing of female graffiti artists is dominant within the subculture, with women receiving little recognition for their contributions in comparison to their male counterparts. Finally a shift is becoming apparent, highlighted through the awarding of female graffiti artists with the long overdue celebration they truly deserve. Alexandra Henry aims to provide a platform to shine a spotlight on female creatives, thus Street Heroines is in the works, a documentary which will capture the collective voice and experiences of females within the global street art movement. Feature



12 Kinds of Kindness is the brainchild of two New York designers, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman. Describing themselves as ‘self-centred’ and ‘often focused on what’s ahead rather than what’s around them’, they created a series of twelve steps in an attempt to change their behaviour (and become kinder and more empathetic people). Feature

Ugo Gattoni | Sybille’s bath

Ugo Gattoni | Sybille’s bath

Ugo Gattoni is a French Artist and illustrator who has recently presented his first limited edition drypoint etching titled ‘Sybille’s bath’. Only 30 prints are available and each one has been individually signed and numbered by Ugo. Made in the Urdla print facility in Villeurbanne (France), this dreamlike composition features references to Ugo’s girlfriend Sybille’s anatomy, and Escher’s perspective work. The printmaking process has been documented at every stage of its creation from the etching through to printing, using the mediums of photography and film, resulting in a six-minute mini documentary which you can watch in full here… Feature

MADE YOU LOOK | Cinematic Tour

MADE YOU LOOK | Cinematic Tour

Look & Yes Films have brought to us the exciting Arts Documentary Made You Look and it’s now screening throughout October across the UK & Ireland on official theatrical release, with a series of special screenings in select venues. Made You Look is a documentary about the booming UK DIY graphic arts scene of the 21st century. Feature

Square Eye Printing

Square Eye Printing

Square Eye Printing is a non-profit platform that serves as an open resource for creatives to learn about the magical process of printmaking. Through the lens of the camera, the site showcases high-quality detailed videos, both shot for personal and commercial purposes, spanning from lithographic printing, offset printing, foil blocking to experimental letterpress and all different forms of printing. Feature

Carnet D’ivoire Magazine

Carnet D’ivoire Magazine

Ivan, a young, Parisian silkscreen artist who creates Carnet D’ivoire Magazine by hand, got in touch to show us this beautiful short video clip. We’re very happy that he did so because it’s totally amazing. We love getting an insight into how things are made to understand and appreciate the true merit of it’s craft. The magazine showcases silkscreen, risograph and laser printed work – limited to an edition of only 100, sold with a limited vinyl created by Jean-Baptiste Di Marco. There’s also an extra special boxed edition limited to only 5 copies. If that doesn’t make you want to buy a copy then we don’t know what will. Feature

Eleven Paris :: AW14

Eleven Paris is a Parisian fashion brand producing both mens and womenswear that have recently presented their AW14 video campaign staring Wiz Khalifa. Depicting a selection of Wiz’s favourite pieces from the collection the video depicts a striking range of print heavy offerings sported by Wiz as he is shot by Terry Richardson. Feature



Every four years, the FIFA World Cup brings together not just 32 nations or football fans, but it is also a great event that has united the world more than ever. As the tournament kicks off tonight in Brazil, London-based publishing platform It’s Nice That together with creative agency INT Works have also brought together a bunch of their most creative friends to celebrate this inspirational event by asking each of them to select a memory from a past tournament, interpret it, and illustrate it in fives seconds of film. Feature

Megan Ross

Megan Ross

Still a Fine Art student at Kingston University, after spending a year in Vienna, Megan Ross already has an impressive body of work. Her work concentrates on the uneasy relationship between video and paint. Feature

Hunting and Collecting :: SS14

Hunting and Collecting are a Brussels based boutique that carries a constantly rotating selection of brands. Each brand possesses a common link – a clear vision of both style and identity creating trends rather then following them and providing value and importance within modern culture. For SS14 Hunting and Collecting have a dropped a wicked video look book titled ‘Rise of local youth’ by Nicolas Lefébure featuring offerings from brands including Acne Studios, Kenzo, Been Trill, LaRose, Givenchy, BWGH, A Cut Above, 3.1 Phillip Lim and T by Alexander Wang. Feature

Richard Mosse :: The Enclave

Richard Mosse :: The Enclave

I luckily managed to make it down to the last day of Richard Mosse’s debut exhibition ‘The Enclave’ at the Vinyl factory (at the back of the NCP car park in Soho) this weekend. And although sadly it’s all over, I had to share what a truly amazing show it was. The remarkable exhibition showcased a culmination of his work in the war-torn region of democratic Republic of Congo, including both a video installation and selection of huge photographic works. Commissioned for the Irish Pavilion, Richard’s compelling body of work communicated sinister imagery and footage through intense and haunting beauty leaving you slightly disorientated. Feature

Mishka R1TU4L5 - Spring 2014 from Мишка Bloglin on Vimeo.

Mishka :: R1TU4L5

Drawing inspiration from our obsession with the internet and the occult, New York based fashion brand Mishka introduce their pre-summer collection / look book ‘R1TU4L5.’ With bold graphic prints being a focal point of the collection (through snapbacks, jerseys and long/short sleeve tees) imagery references ‘nights spent in internet K-holes’ and Google searches on conspiracy theory’s including alien abductions, the Rothschild’s, The Bohemian Grove and The Knights Templar. Feature

James Burgess

James Burgess

James Burgess is a London-based illustrator, videographer and photographer. When he’s not performing with his band Boneyards he creates work that is eternally youthful and playful, comprising of skulls, skateboards and fast food whilst managing to look incredible. His previous clients include Field Day, District MTV, Visions Festival and Vice. Feature

Marv Newland :: CMYK

Marv Newland is a Vancouver based film maker that specialises in animation.
After collecting a multitude of CMYK symbols, registration marks and moiré patterns from common printed materials, Marv teamed up with Animator Kunal Sen to make an animation that forms a ‘a dizzying observance of sound, color and movement.’ Feature



M&E is the creative partnership of Matthew Bolger and Emelie Lidström. Based in Sweden, M&E combine graphic, photo and video mediums producing a wide variety of work. M&E’s hands on, experimental approach shows in their frequent artwork and music videos. Dizzying video for ‘Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band’ sees M&E mount cameras to drills while recent promotional videos for Offset Festival magically lifts 3D type from pools of marbling colours. Feature

Interview :: Andrew Khosravani

Interview :: Andrew Khosravani

Andrew Khosravani is a London based Illustrator / Animator and recent graduate of the London College of Communication. Envisioning strange worlds and surreal landscapes through hand-rendered techniques, Andrew’s incredible illustrations draw influence from dead civilisations, science fiction and revered Gods and Deities. I was lucky enough to catch up with the up and coming illustrator to find out more about his work… Feature

KesselsKramer | “Say Hello With Moo”

KesselsKramer | “Say Hello With Moo” has teamed up with KesselsKramer to devise and launch a new, playfully epic campaign for the US market. The campaign, that will run across TV, radio, digital and OOH, builds on Moo’s dedication to quality and the irreverent outlook of both brand and agency. The main TV advert and digital spot features a re-imagined business card production process of fantastical proportions. KesselsKramer commissioned the build of a low-fi but functional printing machine, complete with a paper feed treadmill, dedicated screen printer and confetti bellow. Feature

Kent Andreasen

Kent Andreasen

Kent Andreasen is a film student that currently lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. Specialising in both film and photography, Kent’s portfolio is a delight to look through. A skill for fashion photography is clearly demonstrated in his crisp ‘Fashion Stories’ with his videos introducing us to atmospheric, kaleidoscopic worlds through movement tone and light. Feature

Interview :: Leta Sobierajski

Interview :: Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajski, multidisciplinary designer living and working in New York, produces colourful, tactile work in multiple mediums. Having collaborated with many design agencies, Sobierajski’s portfolio is packed with great branding, photographic, motion and illustrative projects. Personal highlight, Sobierajski’s photographic still life compositions feature an oddball collection of fruit, tape, ritz crackers and painted hands. These quirky images experiment with everyday objects in scenes of monochromatic colour. Painted hands then bring new dimension to these previously still lives as objects are held, positioned and disrupted. Feature

Kenzo X Toiletpaper | SS14

Once again teaming up with the masterminds at Toiletpaper, Kenzo have recently dropped a dope campaign film for their SS14 collection. The 30-second film sees the collections sea-inspired prints morph into a hypnotic animation as they unfold into a surreal under-water fantasy filled with ‘trippy visuals.’ Feature

Leslie David / Michel Gondry

Leslie David / Michel Gondry

Graphic Designer, art director and illustrator, Leslie David recently produced this great album artwork for Metronomy’s new album ‘Love Letters’. This series of pastel, textured prints accompany what looks to be a promising album of Metronomy’s usual quirky heartfelt songs. Based in Paris, Leslie David isn’t the only French creative to have contributed work to this album. Feature

Lo Parkin 'LFW an Illustrated Panorama' promo from Lo Parkin on Vimeo.

Lo Parkin :: ‘LFW an Illustrated Panorama’ Teaser

People of Print’s very own Lo Parkin has been busy working on her first limited edition illustrated publication for over a year. We’re thrilled to debut the first glimpse of it via her teaser video. At long last the publication has finally gone to print. We’re very proud of Lo, she’s a very talented illustrator and there are many exciting things to come from her in the near future. Watch this space for her fully illustrated panorama of London Fashion Week. Feature

Natalia Stuyk

Natalia Stuyk

Natalia Stuyk’s video work is hypnotic, geometric and dark. Having already worked with on the Kenzo’s Resort 2013 collection with Mat Maitland and House of Holland, Natalia has rapidly proved her worth as a serious talent when it comes to video and digital art. Exciting things from Natalia in future I expect. Here a video featured on Dazed. Feature

Patta & Stussy | Capsule Collection

In celebration of their 10th year anniversary, Amsterdam based label Patta have teamed up with street wear giants Stussy to release a dope capsule collection. The cobranded collection features graphic tees, crewnecks, shirts and headwear with a particular highlight being a fly panel tracksuit reflecting an 80’s casuals aesthetic. Feature



Augustine Kofie is an Artist that was born and bred in Los Angeles. With an artistic education never going further then high school, Kofie’s skill set was formed through graffiti coming into prominence in the LA graff scene by the mid 90’s. Graffiti provided Kofie an understanding of colour, layering, points of perspective and arrangement enabling a technical foundation and love of both construction and form. Developing an abstract aesthetic dominated by shapes, the Artists’ desire to experiment and explore his surroundings visually is ‘inspired by the basic building blocks of the geometric world’ and has consequently formed his ‘retro-futuristic’ aesthetic as he plays with form, line and depth in his murals and illustrations. Feature

LRG Holiday 2013 - Delivery 2 from LRG Clothing on Vimeo.

LRG :: Holiday 13

LRG is a men’s urban fashion line that lives by the slogan ‘underground inventive, overground effective.’ The brand appeals to an audience ‘that are trying to pay their rent with their passions’ – a ‘support group for the independent and underground culture.’ For the 2nd delivery of their Holiday 13 lookbook the brand showcase their new line with a video set in the woody outskirts north of LA depicted through a promo video – a particular highlight being their new ‘Father Nature’ print. Feature

Huffer :: Right Place Wrong Time

New Zealand based brand Huffer introduce the final installment of their Right Place Wrong Time campaign with a short film featuring Jackass’ Dave England and model Lili Sumner. The film features the pair lost in Tokyo accompanied with some particularly nice beats provided by Kamandi. The new Huffer range features classic street wear staples that are simplistic yet stylish through the application of print and graphics. Feature

People of Print :: Ministry of Sound #GetTrashed

On Sunday 24th November we ran a live screen printing workshop for vInspired at Ministry of Sound for their #GetTrashed campaign. The idea is to customise or exchange your clothing in order to save it going into a landfill. We created some super simple geometric graphics so that the customisers could experiment with printing layer upon layer onto their garments. The workshop went down a treat and many people were happy with their new hand printed clothes. Feature

Sofles :: Limitless

Sofles has teamed up with Selina Miles and Ironlak to create one of the best graffiti videos released in a long time, and unsurprisingly it went viral in 2 days.
Also featuring work of Finatan Magee, Treas and Quench, Sofles go out after being let loose in an abandoned warehouse with LOADS of paint. The results are insane, you gotta see it for yourself – the mad upsi-down shot at 2:40 mins in literally kills me. Feature

Huf :: Holiday 2013

Huf celebrate and introduce their new collection through a dope video and lookbook for the holiday season. Props are firstly due to Brandon Kuzma for shooting the wicked video calling upon artists Remio and Begr (featured) with Brian Kelley and Scott Tepper continuing to translate the stark video into still imagery to form the look book. The collection features work wear vests, chinos, corduroy bombers and jumpers depicted impeccably on the gritty Detroit streets. Feature

Gosha Rubchinskiy :: Supreme AW13

Supreme 2013 Fall/Winter Video by Gosha Rubchinskiy from Hypebeast on Vimeo.

Gosha Rubchinskiy :: Supreme AW13

Gosha Rubchinskiy is a Russian alternative Photographer / Designer that recently teamed up with a selection of Russian skaters to create his latest video project sporting Supreme’s offering for AW13. Gosha’s grainy video depicted with a ‘VHS aesthetic’ was filmed in Moscow and reflects early 90’s NY skate culture to demonstrate a real sense of youth, boredom, freedom and style. Watch the video here & see our fave garms from the collection. Feature

World’s First 3D Printed Metal Gun by Solid Concepts

Solid Concepts, a world leader in 3D printing, has manufactured the world’s first 3D printed metal gun using a laser sintering process and powdered metals. The semi-automatic pistol is based on the classic 1911 design and has already successfully fired over 500 rounds of bullets without falling to pieces. It is constructed with 33 17-4 stainless steel and inconel 625 components, and features a carbon-fibre filled nylon hand grip. Feature

George Wheeler

George Wheeler is a designer that recently graduated from Nottingham Trent university and has recently relocated to London, where he has been working on personal projects and undertaking a series of internships. The versatile designer has a particularly interesting portfolio demonstrating his diverse skill set and interests in branding, advertising and typography. Feature

mcbess x TFL

mcbess x TFL

The wonderful work of French illustrator / director mcbess has been brought to our attention again, most recently for his posters that can be found on the tube stations of the London underground. In a variation from his signature work, which usually features tattooed folk living in less than realistic lands, he has moved to depicting the lives of the everyday London commuter. The beautiful illustrated work from mcbess combined with the words of resident poets seeks to bring better public awareness and consideration as part of the Travel Better London campaign. See an interview with the man himself and why he got involved in the project, and how he still sneaked in a couple of familiar faces. Feature

Eloy Morales :: Hyperrealistic selfies

Eloy Morales :: Hyperrealistic selfies

I usually have no time for the constant stream of cringe worthy selfies people inflict on us through the internet however Eloy Morales has taken the selfie to the next level gaining it some credibility with his INCREDIBLE hyperrealistic paintings.
Based in Madrid, Eloy’s insane paintings take detail to a whole new level, however this strong focus on detail is not what his concentration is about. Choosing to use himself as a subject (or occasionally his close friends / family) enables the artist to depict his emotions and thoughts at that exact moment in time, and he does it very, very well. Feature

Broken Fingaz :: Berlin ‘BOTTLENECK’

Broken Fingaz :: Berlin ‘BOTTLENECK’

For this exhibition, The Broken Fingaz Crew produced a fabulous series of 16 original screen prints in addition to a huge wooden installation and a 80m² graffiti wall. All of the prints were produced at Mother Drucker’s studio at Urban Spree by the crew members. A total of 16 different prints have then been edited in limited runs from 20 to 40 prints in each design (3 by Deso, 4 by Tant, 3 by Kip and 6 by Unga), which adds even more originality to the prints. The exhibition runs until the 1st of November and the screen prints are available in Urban Spree Galerie and online (between 90€ and 120€ each). Feature

John Knuth :: ‘Faded State’

John Knuth [pronounced Kah-Nooth] is extreme. He kayaks in Echo Park Lake, breeds flies in his garage to make his “fly paintings”, and finds abandoned buildings in the desert that he lights on fire to make his art. And now he has a limited-edition screen print produced by Intellectual Property Prints named “Faded State” for sale. This 5 colour screen print is based on John’s experiments making paintings using emergency flares. Yes, the same brilliant tools that police officers and fire fighters use to alert you of oncoming danger. So be careful with this screen print… It’s hot! Feature

Daily Paper Fall/Winter 2013 behind the scenes Look Book video from Daily Paper on Vimeo.

Daily Paper :: AW13

Daily Paper is an Amsterdam based Street-Couture label who direct focus towards quality, culture and fine detailing. We’ve seen re-works of classic baseball jerseys time & time again, and I can’t say their AW13 jersey collection is particularly original, however that could be because quite simply it just works?
AW13 see’s the brand’s focus on the jersey in a b&w colourway featuring mesh/cotton construction and satin embroidery with particularly nice typography and graphic details on the sleeve, stepping it up with the rest of the collection we can see fly graphic prints on tees/lining jackets and more detailed embroidery on jumpers/tees. Feature

NEIGHBORHOOD DICE a short film by Steven Johnson from Factory Films on Vimeo.

Neighborhood X DicE mag :: Capsule collection

Japanese streetwear label Neighborhood have linked up with DicE magazine to release a capsule collection (to be officially dropped on the 12th Oct) for AW13 introducing a slick short film (directed by Steven Johnson) visualizing the collection’s ‘vintage Americana sportswear feel.’ Feature

Recovering an Albion Press from Tom Stokes on Vimeo.

Recovering an Albion Press

Recovering an Albion Press is a short documentary following members of New North Press letterpress studio as they recover a Victorian printing press and give it a second life. The cast-iron Albion Press in question was a company heirloom that had stood, almost forgotten, in the reception area of LEFA Print, a commercial printer in Sidcup, Kent. Managing director Ed Arthur contacted Richard Ardagh of New North Press, a traditional letterpress print workshop in Hoxton, East London offering the chance to relocate and restore the press to its former glory. The Albion Press is now an operational part of the New North Press print studio. Feature

People of Print: Owen and The Eyeballs live from Pick Me Up at Somerset House 2013 from peopleofprint on Vimeo.

Owen and The Eyeballs :: Pick Me Up 2013

Earlier this year we were filming at Somerset House for Pick Me Up 2013. During the ‘Heavy Pencil’ event, there was lots of live drawing onto Fedrigoni paper topped off by the extremely fun and energetic band, ‘Owen and The Eyeballs’ who were all dressed up for the evening in crazy balloon costumes. Lots of fun to be had by all. See you at their next gig. Feature

People of Print :: Emma Shoard from peopleofprint on Vimeo.

Video :: Emma Shoard

We went to visit Emma on her dutch barge moored on the Thames River to ask her a few questions about her work and her workspace. She is such a lovely lady with excellent illustration skills. Enjoy the video. Feature

ICARUS_13 ft. SAT ONE & ROIDS from Hangfire on Vimeo.

Interview :: HangFire (SatOne & ROIDS) HangerOne Project :: Icarus_13

The HangerOne Project is a program of painted aero planes, organised by HangFire – a Bristol based family of artists that create artwork and events/exhibitions with an exceptionally innovative approach to inspire the the graffiti art community. I was lucky enough to speak to the HangFire team about their recent project Icarus_13, in which HangFire set up and teamed up with SatOne and ROIDS to paint a HUGE plane. Find out more about the HangerOne Project and read the interview. Feature

Killer Acid x Glamour Kills Clothing

Killer Acid x Glamour Kills Clothing

At its heart, Glamour Kills is more than a clothing company. As a cornerstone of a subculture fueled by music, Glamour Kills actively fosters a sense of leadership and community by engaging in passion projects with musicians, artists, fans, and forward-thinkers alike. We are loving this collaboration with Rob Corradetti aka KILLER ACID who is one of our favourite illustrators / screen printers. We have worked with KILLER ACID a lot in the past and he is one to keep an eye on. We look forward to more clothing designs like this. Feature

Mighty Healthy Fall 2013 Video Look Book from Mighty Healthy on Vimeo.

Mighty Healthy Fall 13

From skate to fashion, for fashion through skate, Mighty Healthy embraces fashion in the “true spirit of progressive street” referring to their roots and calling upon ‘the Mighty Healthy skateboarding squadron’ to showcase the brand’s Fall 13 collection. Feature

Everybody Street Trailer from ALLDAYEVERYDAY on Vimeo.

Everybody Street

I can’t even express how hyped I am to see this documentary. Everybody Street illuminates the lives and INCREDIBLE work of New York’s iconic Street Photographers including my ultimate long time fave Jamel Shabazz. More info coming soon, for now check the trailer. Feature

Sam Hamer

Sam Hamer

I was lucky enough to go to uni with Sam Hamer and can safely say his work was always my favourite to look at in class, I thought it was about time I caught up with the AMAZING illustrator / Designer because if you havn’t seen his work yet your really missing out – he’s definitely one to watch. Feature

Palace Skateboards x Reebok Classics

Palace Skateboards have collaborated with Reebok to create some limited edition classics with innersoles by Will Bankhead and Fergadelic. We are loving the super short VHS promo edit. Feature

Print Club London Summer Screen Artists Trailer from Print Club on Vimeo.

Print Club London :: Summer Screen teaser

Print Club London are excited to announce the next event regarding their fantastic poster exhibition coinciding with Film 4 and a selection of exceptional artists. In August a film will be aired at the West Wing in Somerset House where participating artists discuss their films, the artistic process and their thoughts on a range of topics. Print Club has released a stimulating teaser film with wonderful footage of the print process featuring artists Joe Wilson and Anthony Peters. Feature

Fedrigoni Imaginative Paper Open Studio Day

Fedrigoni got in touch with People of Print to ask help host an event celebrating the move into their impressive new show rooms at Clerkenwell house. Calling upon the incredible Anthony Burrill to create a strikingly bold poster the event celebrated the new Fedrigoni ‘Materica’ paper exploring how it can be used through the application of print. The exciting event saw a huge influx of different design, print and media professionals marvel over Burril’s fantastic artwork as they were given an opportunity to experience and interact with the process of screen printing hosted by Marcroy Smith & James O’Raw. Feature


The Other Side of the Pillow

The Other Side of the Pillow is an East London shop / online store, and if you love Vintage Vans you need to know about it. Stock hunters and collectors by trade, The Other Side of the Pillow ‘scourers the Earth for dead stock’ delivering unique vintage and specializing in dead-stock American-made Vans. Feature



I may be biased, but I really feel the Design for Graphic Communication course at LCC is in a league of it’s own, with heavy focus ‘practically exploring the liminal space between education and creative industry practice’ students are encouraged to focus on design research methods and the whole design process – not just the outcome introducing ‘design thinkers’ to the industry as they graduate. Described by It’s Nice That as a ‘digital calendar of graphic design treats’ the LCC DGC Degree show didn’t disappoint, thanks to the organisation of Rebecca Watson and a beautiful variety of exhibited work from some very talented students. Feature

Jack Sachs

Jack blew us away the the Camberwell Degree show this year, thus has managed to sidestep the submission process to be featured on our website. His work is insane in all senses of the word. Keep an eye on this guy, he’s trouble. Feature

Mr.Bingo ‘Hate Mail’ :: KK Outlet

Illustrator Mr Bingo was drunk late one night in his studio and tweeted, “I will send a postcard with an offensive message on to the first person who replies to this tweet”. Within the first minute over 50 people replied and over the last twelve months Bingo has posted out artistic abuse to more than 550 people, each piece of slander comes accompanied with an original illustration on the back of a pleasant vintage postcard. Feature

Drop Dead :: The Print & Design Factory

Drop Dead Clothing have documented their flyer being printed at The Print & Design Factory on CMYK litho plates. We never get bored of watching the print process. Feature

‘MOURES’ (FACES) Publication

‘MOURES’ (FACES) Publication

‘MOURES’ (FACES) is a dope new photographic graffiti chronicle from 2000-2012. The Limited edition 96-page publication was printed in Athens on Gardadat Ciara 150 gsm paper complete with a hand-printed silk-screen print cover / hand-made binding. Printed in runs of Greek & English there are 200 copies available via the ‘MOURES’ website.

Мишка Summer 2013 Lookbook [Teaser Video] from Мишка Bloglin on Vimeo.

Mishka SS13

Brooklyn-based Street wear brand Mishka NYC share the hype for summer with a vibrant collection for the season. The sick teaser video and energetic look book introduce bright & bold colour combos and print clashes across a range of shirts, shorts, buckets snapbacks and 5-panels.


Job Wouters (aka Letman) is an Amsterdam based Artist/Designer who has an obsession with letterforms. Letman’s ‘handpainted style fits the boundaries of typography lashing out to illustration, graffiti and graphic design’. I am in love with the featured video that documents the Artist’s process as he creates a hand-painted mural in the Walker Art Museum. The beautiful piece was inspired from his background in graffiti as well as influences from Asian Calligraphy and cowboy lettering.

Versus Versace SS13 Campaign

The diffusion line and ‘young heart of Versace’ – Versus Versace signifies ‘Iconic, season-less fashion for those that experiment in life, love & style’ never failing to deliver the brand’s SS13 campaign channels energy through a series of wavey bold and psychedelic patterns. It’s ‘Daring & Provocative. It’s the energy and sprit that I want to capture with Versus today and share it with the new generation’ – Donatella Versace Feature


Kelly Angood – The Pop-Up Pinhole Project

Designer Kelly Angood wanted a ‘real’ medium format camera, but knew she couldn’t afford one, consequently she dealt with it the only way she knew how and made one! After setting up a page on kickstarter to gain funding Kelly has spread the world about her beautiful prototype camera (screen printed by the wonderful Joe Vass) that creates amazing pin-hole images and the best thing about it is you make it all yourself! With the project finishing by 1:30pm on Saturday every last donation counts in the hope of developing the project further and expanding into educational workshops for kids and teenagers and the possibility of more exciting cameras. I caught up with Kelly to find out more about the project. Feature

TYRSA for JORDAN from Axel & Julien on Vimeo.


In anticipation for the return of the early 90’s classic kicks, the Air Jordan 5 ‘Grapes’ edition (sporting a fresh new colourway) (out NOW) is celebrated by the dope French Graphic Designer Alexis Taieb (AKA TYRSA) in a video directed by Axel Morin & Julien Capelle) The amazing clip parallels ‘a young man’s hoop dreams’ with Tyrsa’s creative process as he forms his mad heavy hand-drawn type featuring a famous quote from Jordan himself. Feature

SPRING 13 - DELIVERY THREE PREVIEW from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

10 Deep – ‘BABYLON’ SS13

Street wear brand 10 Deep have released a dope teaser for us to preview the 3rd delivery from their Spring 13 Collection ‘Babylon’ launching this week. We can expect to see lots of bold prints to get hyped about including camo, Aztec & floral inspired designs. Feature


Blu is an Italian Street Artist who first got clocked in 1999 after his series of urban paintings in Bologna, Italy. His innovative street art has invigorated both the context of animation and graffiti gaining international recognition through the release of his animated videos. Feature

Stussy :: Biannual Vol1

Stussy have moved into the printed world with volume one of a bi-annual publication which will feature the Spring ’13 collection and much more. Cover Photography: A$AP ILLZ by Kenneth Cappello. Limited Edition Cover Featuring Block Photograph by Chuck Katz. Look at this slick video which shows the process of the zine printing. Print is definitely not dead, go and buy your zine from the Stussy Shop. Feature


Screen printing powerhouse Ryonet and creative agency Print Liberation have joined forces to empower you to start screen printing today with the new YOUR DIY PRINT SHOP, the best Do-It-Yourself screen printing kits on the market. Feature

MadeByNode at Design Museum

MadeByNode at Design Museum

We are very excited to announce the PechaKucka talks and the official launch of the fantastic handmade rugs organised by Chris Haughton of Node. We have been working very closely with Chris over the last 8 months to bring this project to fruition. Feature

FAILE from Ride5 Films on Vimeo.

FAILE :: 1986 Challenger Artwork

This video demonstrates how the Brooklyn-based duo collaborate and develop their work from a concept into amazing screen printed paste-ups and posters. We visited their studio back in 2006 and we really love what they do.

An Interview with Sonja Teri of Poster Child Prints from OBEY CLOTHING on Vimeo.

Interview :: Sonja Teri of PCP in LA

Poster Child Prints is the brainchild of Sonja Teri based in LA. In this interview she talks about editions of prints selling out in record times causing websites to crash and how she wants a neon sign saying ‘PCP’ but can see how that might be a problem with the drug users in LA. haha. We love her and PCP. Feature

Design Exhibition Screen-print Posters: Glory from New Community on Vimeo

Design Exhibition Screen-print Posters: Glory

This video is beautifully shot at Bob Eight Pop’s studio. I hope you enjoy watching the screen print process as much as I do. I particularly love the white ink on darker paper stock. Feature

DRUCKBUS Siebdruck Workshop @ Gotthelf Schulhaus, Basel from WEISSHEIMER Grafik Design on Vimeo.


So for those of you who don’t understand German, here is a quick lesson, ‘druck’ is print and ‘bus’ is bus. You do the word math. I have always wanted to have a setup like this. What a legend! The kids love it too, you can hear their amazement when they see the ink on the shirt. Feature



‘Zeena’ was launched out of a love of Scandinavian textiles, fabric, screen printing and her growing pattern collections. All of her products are crafted in her East London studio making each item truly unique and she carefully sources all her materials from the UK. Some lovely products here. Feature

ARYZ x MONTANA LiSBOA | Silkscreen Print from iamfromlx on Vimeo


To celebrate the Montana Shop & Gallery Lisboa 2nd anniversary, Aryz was invited to do an exhibition on the gallery with his process drawings. They where not for sale, so it was decided to work on a silkscreen print…5 Colors, 50×70 cm, signed and numbered in an edition of 50 copies. Feature

OIL & WATER DO NOT MIX from Happiness Brussels on Vimeo.

Oil & Water Do Not Mix

A project by Happiness Brussels, designed by Anthony Burrill. Limited edition of 200 posters, screen printed with oil from the Gulf of Mexico disaster. The oil was picked up on the beaches of Grand Isle, Louisiana in buckets then the posters wereprinted at Purple Monkey Design in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you buy a poster, all benefits go to the non-profit organisation “Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana” (CRCL). Feature

kid icarus // the screen printing duo from stillmotion on Vimeo

Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus is a screen print studio and retail shop located within Toronto’s beautiful Kensington Market. Dedicated to finding the best in independent contemporary craft, with a focus on paper products, Kid Icarus takes pride in representing locally made items with the highest quality standards. The store’s search will occasionally step out of this boundary for the sake of good design, clever sense, and thought-out detail. Kid Icarus is also an accomplished screen print shop, providing services in an open environment where customers can watch the process unfold before their eyes. Feature

Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer

Everybody needs to wash their hands. Everybody needs to dry their hands. Now you can wash and dry your hands with the same tap / dryer. Food for thought on a Friday afternoon.

Smythson of Bond Street | Production Process

Step behind the seams with the first chapter of an extraordinary journey with this video directed by Carter Peabody. This is a beautifully shot insight to the processes that Smythson to create their products. Feature

Caught in the Crossfire Xmas Jam 2012

We were at this awesome event at Baysixty6 Skatepark printing the Crossfire Tees for all of these crazy skaters. The event was mental with lots of really impressive tricks. Definitely stick this in your diaries for next year.

NODE: fair trade rugs from chris haughton on Vimeo.

Node :: Fair Trade Rugs

We are very excited to be working on this incredible project alongside Chris Haughton and Akshay Sthapit of Node. We have selected 18 designers from across the globe to create a 2m sq carpet design which have been hand crafted in Nepal. It is a non-profit social business that supports a school and an orphanage. The rugs will be for sale via the Design Museum Shop. Ever heard of a better project!?

Adam and Cuth – The Letters EP Promo

Adam Kammerling a.k.a Adam the Rapper, The Hackney Badger and ‘the singer from that band Old Mayor” has teamed up with Cuth the producer to create an EP titled The Letters. Lots of incredible lyrical talent to be experienced here. This is a just a promo video for their release, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Credit to Bruce Collier for the video production.

Arcane Roots

We are very excited to be working with our previous clients Arcane Roots again. We will be printing more wonderful things for you guys to buy at their shows. We saw them live and we were blown away by the superbly tight rhythms and breakdowns mixed with heavenly vocals. This band is going far!

Stuart Birchall :: WSS Music Video

Stuart has directed this awesome video for the one and only While She Sleeps band. The video and the lyrics hit you hard and right where they are supposed to.

Matt Manson

Matt got in touch with us just today and we completely fell in love with his work. He has done a lot of great pattern and illustration work for various reputable clients including some awesome fabric inners for Chrome Bags featured in this video. Simply fantastic. Feature

Junior – Mama Used To Say

Everything about this music video is incredible.

Corey Adams

Every now and then I think we can venture away from the world of print ever so slightly. I’m in love with the work of Corey Adams. Pure genius. Be sure to check out Mongo Man too.

Choque Cultural

The Choque Cultural print store is a collaboration between Tristan Manco (coauthor of Graffiti Brasil) based in the UK and Choque who produce the majority of their top quality screen prints in Brazil. Just look at these fantastic large format letterpress posters which they use as paste-ups.

Video :: KKOutlet Workshop

Here is a cool little video of the workshops that took place at KK Outlet last week filmed by the super good May-Ninth studio.


A little video portrait about HORT, created by IGNANT.TV for ARTE Creative.

Director & editor: Clemens Poloczek
Camera: Clemens Poloczek & Marcus Werner
Interview by: Anna Nosthoff

Video :: Firefly Press

Firefly Press is based in Boston, Massachusetts. This is a wonderful documentary about letterpress. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Adam Kammerling in The Poetry Shed

Adam has always been one of those people who performed for us at live printmaking events. Whether it be with his band Old Mayor, as Adam the Rapper or just plain spoken word. He has just created this awesome video with good friend Bruce Collier.

Bongout on Vice

The Berlin-based screen printers Bongoût have been featured on Vice. Well worth a watch!

Video :: Mike Perry – Wondering Around Wandering

Here is a preview of Mike Perry’s new book. It’s a big fat one full of juicy, colourful pages. Nice.

Video :: Mr Gresty

Julio & Miles short film: Mr Gresty
Coming from an animation and motion graphics background, they wanted to create something more stripped back. A documentary film about people and their creativity.
The short is a day-in-the-life style film about Mr Gresty. He was the perfect candidate as he is a super talented individual who is motivated beyond belief and has an interesting, and somewhat obsessive, habit of collecting things.

Private view: 1st March 2012, 7pm Picturehouse Hackney.
1st -21st March 2012 (free) Open everyday 11:30am – 11:30pm

GFSmith x Oliver Spencer

Naturalis Works is a series of brochures and films designed around a series of conversations with acclaimed craftspeople working across diverse fields. They support the belief that selecting the perfect materials is a critical part of the creative process. Naturalis Works #1 looks at the work of british fashion designer, Oliver Spencer and how his almost obsessive approach to process and materials is at the centre of his craft.

Video :: Upside Down, Left to Right

The letterpress technician from the University of Plymouth talks us through the 500+ year old process. A process that should never be forgotten.

Video :: LPF Marble Poster by Music

Here’s a really cool video of some marble effect posters being made. Each print is totally different because the setup had to be repeated each time. It looks so fun.

Video :: POP Live Printmaking Event 17.11.11

Thanks to our good friends over at Boko Creative, we have an awesome video that documents the fun we had at the last printmaking show. Have a look and come along to our next one. Feature

Video :: Mr Smith’s Letterpress Workshop

Kevin Smith talks about letterpress as a manual process away from the digital Mac driven white paper print out. He likes to get hands on and build things and this wonderful video shows just that.

Video :: 1/1

1/1 is a collection of experiments with letterpress printing. The constructive elements of IKEA® products substitute the traditional wooden printing letters and they become the printing die for limited editions. So can a stool or a door be used to impress their outline railtracks can become typographic, figurative or abstract compositions. The same elements can then be assembled back in the objects they belonged to. By doing so they get back their functionality, but they keep a sign of the printing process, they took part in and become themselves unique industrial products.