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posted by Amber Weaver September 27, 2017

Collaboration is the key to unlocking incredible success when it comes to design. A new collaboration we’d love to share with you guys is when Bompas & Parr reached out to Make Good Print Co. to help achieve an ambitious printed invitation for an event they were working on with their client Nomad.

The commission was to develop an invitation for an award ceremony within the theme ’Analogue’ – celebrating the past yet looking to the future. The invitation needed to embody the theme in an intriguing and captivating way, most importantly a way that would ensure a positive RSVP. Make Good Print Co. and Bompas & Parr worked together to create a solution inspired by photography, utilising light sensitive inks to mimic the behaviour of a Polaroid print. What seems an incomplete invitation on first glance is only fully revealed when exposed to sunlight, meaning the key information of the exclusive event is carefully controlled. The graphic language created by Bompas & Parr’s designers continues the event concept: whilst the archaic design of the TV test cards creates an instantly recognisable and nostalgic outcome. The final result is a complex combination 4 screen-printed layers of ink on top of a digitally printed and duplexed card.

Watch the video below!

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