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Iao Eü Study | Edition 01: Villar

posted by Marcroy July 28, 2015

IAOEU is a collaboration between artists and designers, consisting of research of simple, geometric shapes and basic use of color, with modular graphics focused on preschool children. This graph is used as a way of construction and formation of everyday elements. Each edition will have a different artist, each artist will have a different theme. In each edition a collectible print.

IAOEU is simple and modular.
IAOEU can draw with his left hand.
IAOEU is construction and experimentation.
IAOEU contains all the vowels in his name.
IAOEU born on the winter solstice of 2015, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Southern Hemisphere.

Edition 01: Villar (Mario Felipe)
Silkscreen: 3 colors.
Dimensions: 50cm x 33cm.
Paper: 250gsm
Edition: 35 Copies.




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