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Limited Edition Book Sleeves for the People of Print Book by Fatherless

posted by Anna Chayasatit July 21, 2015

Now being five years since Fatherless Collective first started as a collaborative venture between the five member artists: Jarrod Hennis, Javier Jimenez, Greg Lang, Dave Menard and Ben Rider. Today Fatherless have made their way into a well-established reputation and we are very lucky to have collaborated with this group of passionate printmakers to produce a set of limited edition hand-printed wooden book sleeves for our first-ever publication, published by Thames & Hudson, the ‘People of Print book’.

Originating from the midwestern United States, their underlying skeleton is to reflect their unbridled enthusiasm and creativity and that’s the reason why Fatherless are not just five individual artists that work ‘under’ the name of ‘Fatherless’ but every Fatherless print is produced by all the five member artists. They also want to make sure all the team members are committed to the same cause and that all their prints represent the richness of the community.

Embarking on a freely experimental approach, their prints are never the same but they stick to their core value to create a cohesive visual language. There is also a kind of street-art charm to their work; they hybrid the essence of stencil graffiti, wheat-pasted poster art with contemporary illustration.

What’s more, their prints respond to the current chaotic consumer-driven trends and reflect the new digital reality. The uniqueness of their work derives from what they have pointed as a ‘Rust Belt Power Pop’ aesthetic. These 25 limited-edition book sleeves embrace the beauty of the imperfections of craftsmanship and are charming examples of eccentricity. It is a collection of never-before-shown, spellbinding illustrations characterised by highly-detailed elements and bright colour schemes.

In short, Fatherless is a movement comprising print artists who share extraordinary skills and strive to guarantee supreme quality of every element they put in their art prints. People do say “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”, but in this case, we think the opposite appears to be more true.

‘The People of Print book’ is a collaborative project by our founder & director Marcroy Smith and our very own designer Andy Cooke. To get a copy, you can head over to Department Store now.

Anna Chayasatit

Anna Chayasatit

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