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MuirMcNeil :: Four New Typeface Systems

posted by Anna Chayasatit March 5, 2014

MuirMcNeil is a London-based design collective comprising internationally acclaimed typographer Paul McNeil and legendary graphic designer Hamish Muir. Founded in 2010, MuirMcNeil has been focusing on appropriate design solutions to visual communication problems, experimenting on a range of design systems and type to create original visual language.

Recent work includes four new geometric/grid-based typeface systems: Panopticon, Intersect, Nine and Interact. The four typefaces are distinct from one another and were created using different methods and have specific functions. They were launched earlier last month alongside their new website which now features a series of type licenses, specimens, their journal and large-format screen-printed posters available for purchase online.

‘Intersect’ 3-colour silkscreen poster, 100 x 70cm

‘Intersect’ Typeface

‘Panopticon’ 2-colour silkscreen poster, 100x70cm

‘Panopticon’ Typeface

‘Interact’ 2-colour silkscreen poster,  100 x 70cm

‘Interact’ Typeface

‘Nine Poster’ 2-colour silk-screened, 100x70cm

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