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posted by Jade Connolly April 21, 2016

What do you get when you throw in 4 design graduates, an economic recession and a whole lot of spare time? You get OWT Creative…and some damn fine zines to go along with them. We all know how difficult it is to really make a name for yourself in the creative industry. Graduating may well be a scary thing, but OWT Creative are the perfect example of how being unemployed, yet still having a passion for design, and a strive to have fun and collaborate, can lead to great things. Established in 2010, OWT Creative constructed their collective agency and rapidly gained attention. Now, 6 years on, they lecture, make and animate. Based in Manchester and San Francisco, with their collaborative design work at an all-time high, they’re still having fun.

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Their exploration throughout the years has been immense, producing timeless prints, avoiding graphic design cliches, (you won’t find a bull-dog clip poster mockup within a 10 mile radius) and ultimately gaining themselves a following.

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With clients now including the National Football Museum, and working closely with influencers such Ian Anderson from Designers Republic, the once unemployed graduates are every design student’s goal…pardon the pun.

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OWT Creative’s zines hold thematic structures, containing individual styles to each member of the collective, continuing the continuity through the over-riding word or phrase which runs page to page. Each zine is related to a different term resulting in completely new and original work, holding our attention publication to publication and keeping us perched on the edge of our seats.

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Zine #13, features experimental risgograph prints in collaboration with Jonathan Hitchen. The publication responds to the word ‘Reprocess’ using works from the previous 12 OWT zines with manipulation to the printing process ensuring no 2 pages in the run of zines would be the same and every edition would be completely individual. #13 features contributions from Ian Anderson, Teal Triggs and Johnny Hardstaff along with over eighty other creatives.

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