Zombie Collective

posted by Lo Parkin May 2, 2013

After coming across the amazing 3D ‘Ideas machine’ by Zombie Collective I was lucky enough to meet the friendly fun loving girls behind the Collective who told me all about their exciting approach to both Illustration and Art Direction. The Zombie family was formed when the 5 ladies behind it (Maggie Li, Joely Brammer, Rebecca Jay, Alice Lickens and Frann Preston-Gannon) met at Kingston University whilst studying Illustration and wanted to step into the industry with a fresh and individual approach.

Utilizing each of their individual talents and specialisms in areas such as 3D, visual merchandising, branding, set design, illustration and art direction the individuals join forces to make illustration ‘less disposable and more memorable’ Reflecting upon their interactive 3D illustrations at Pick me up Maggie Li explained when creating their installation like pieces ‘our use of space is designed and thought-out, it’s not just about putting work on walls its about using space and working together coherently’ The collective hopes to put on lots more shows in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out – I can’t wait to see what they get upto!

Lo Parkin

Lo Parkin

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