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Joe Kibria

posted by Amber Weaver September 21, 2016

Creating memorising digital landscapes with dramatic linear lines and abstract imagery is art director and illustrator Joe Kibria. Branded with audacious colours, Kibria’s work is fantastic to behold. Working across a range of platforms such as illustration, art and advertising, this talented designer draws the viewer deep into his constructions through the use of perspective and space. Playing with contrasting colour combinations and space between lines, Kibria can manipulate elegantly what the eye identifies and pin points within the pieces.

Ranging from (what one might interpret) to be beautiful landscapes broken down into simple, and delicate stripes, to abstract digital art pieces, the compositions open up a wide channel of discussion. A discussion that asks, what exactly are we looking at? A positive characteristic, that can be difficult to capture perfectly, but limitless to ideas once reached.

Joe Kibria’s Glitch series is now available on our Department Store! At:




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