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posted by Amber Weaver August 29, 2017

Technology, social media and all sorts of other useful factors have been incredibly helpful in terms of aiding independent businesses, artists and designers to help get their work off the ground. Some studios, brands and other companies have incredibly small teams, that’s because we can reach such a huge audience now at a click of a button due to the internet, therefore they don’t need as much man power (although that’s just an opinion.) An independent business that we managed to catch up with is YUK FUN, a label that creates their own gorgeous products from screen printed jumpers and tee-shirts to pin badges and prints. Founded by Lucy Cheung and Patrick Gildersleeves in 2014, this creative duo met at university and continued to work together ever since.

Lucy cuts and sews all our womens’ clothing at their home studio, YUK FUN Towers whilst Patrick does all the doodling, drawing and illustrating wherever he is, 24/7. Patricks previous clients include no added sugar, Ivy Press, Anorak magazine and Bucketfeet. We loved their stuff so much we had to get them onto our online store. Below you can shop their collection, or visit Department Store for more info!

YUK FUN is also part of Brighton and London based illustration crew: HIP! HIP! Collective.

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