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posted by Amber Weaver December 19, 2016

“CAUCHEMAR is the nightmare of life, creative optimism in the face of so many hardships. Stills from a dream, those vibrant and dizzyingly viscous visions you see on the backs of your lids when you close your eyes or geometric reinterpretations of a surreal reality. They’re an observation of shape, texture and especially colour that is an extension of my heart, measured by brain and fueled by my visceral fire.” – Amy Hood

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Up until the 20th of December 2016, Amy Hood presents a window into the surreal, super saturated and slightly sinister mind of a retro-tainted soul trapped in modern culture. Characterised by simplistic geometric forms, the ten 30×40 inch large scale hand carved linoleum monoprints explore the reverberance of color, fantasy and tragedy as seen from an aesthetically unique perspective.unspecified-12 unspecified-13 unspecified-15 unspecified-17 unspecified-19unspecified-2
Made of ink on black cotton paper  CAUCHEMAR marks Amy Hood’s promising printmaking gallery debut.unspecified-21


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