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Great Exhibition of Studio Ghibli

posted by Alice Harrison July 12, 2016

The fantastical animated worlds continuously immersing our imaginations, warming our hearts and evoking the child inside us are finally ours to explore. Studio Ghibli have unveiled a huge exhibition in celebration of the company’s best works, inviting guests to experience the creation of the fan favourites, travelling through the bathhouse of Spirited Away and visiting Kiki’s Delivery Service on the way to Howl’s Moving Castle. The Great Exhibition of Studio Ghibli acts as an update to the 2015 exhibit, which celebrated the studio’s 30th anniversary.


Historic advertising materials including posters and flyers created at the time are being showcased, providing insight into the production materials and venues, while exclusive unpublished material is set to overwhelm the exhibition space.


The exhibition also features replicas of the Ghibli offices as a means to further immerse visitors into the creation process, as well as large 3D models of Totoro and a replica of the airship from Castle in the Sky, measuring 6m long.


Unsurprisingly, every aspect is considered, including the food. The restaurant accompanying the exhibition will be serving a Studio Ghibli themed menu, including the ‘black burger’, inspired by the soot sprites featured in many of the films, poached eggs on toast, the meal they eat in Castle in the Sky and ‘green tea umbrella shaved ice’. The restaurant is yet another addition to the experience, awaking our imaginations and representing Studio Ghibli’s unique view of the world.


Great Exhibition of Studio Ghibli runs until September 11th at the Roppongi Hills skyscraper in Tokyo and is set to be one of the biggest showcases of Ghibli memorabilia in history.


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