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Kelly Angood :: Videre launch @ Beach London

posted by Lo Parkin November 27, 2013

Afew months ago we featured Kelly Angood’s kickstarter project ‘The pop up pinhole Project’ which everyone at People of Print were mad excited about. Incase you don’t know already, the project was particularly successful (and well deserved) and Kelly’s camera The Videre is available for you to get your hands on now (here) and will be launching at Beach London this Thursday (28th Nov, from 6-9pm)

The concept behind the Videre revolves around a do it yourself flat-pack pin-hole camera kit enabling users to make their own camera and take pin-hole photographs. Working without a lense, the camera uses a 0.4 mm precision laser cut pinhole to take photos onto medium format film. The kits are beautifully screen printed on thick recycled card and include a spare medium format spool (reclaimed from some of the best darkrooms in London) instructions and the rest of the bits and bobs needed to create your camera.

Lo Parkin

Lo Parkin

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Lo Parkin

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