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posted by Louie Zeegen August 5, 2014

A P A R T is a new exhibition that showcases the visual response of 6 artists to a short story written by yours truly. A shameless plug, I know. The story was specifically written for the show and is split into 6 with each artist responding to a different section. The story follows one man on his journey though love, loss and desperation.

The exhibition will be held on Sunday 10th August at Terrace Bar in Manchester and is the result of a two day workshop (part of the on-going Music Workshops programme) run by Jon Bland and Dan Lancaster of the Manchester based creative agency Music. Anyone in the surrounding areas should go check it out on Sunday.

A limited edition publication of the artists work will be available for purchase on the night too. It’s sponsored by G. F Smith and supported by Intern magazine.

Contributors include:

Mark Simmonds (Werkplaats, Netherlands)
Saori Masuda (Chelsea)
Rob Headley (LJMU)
Liv McCarthy (Leeds Met)
Joel Burden (Leeds College of Art)
Rachel Dalton (Brighton)

* Note I will update this post with images from the show next week.

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Music Apart Workshop
Music Apart Workshop



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