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Our Picks from Pick Me Up 2015

posted by Anna Chayasatit April 29, 2015

Pick Me Up has a fantastic line-up of artists, illustrators, and designers from all over the UK. Graphic arts festival Pick Me Up opened last week at London’s Somerset House, along with a series of talks, workshops and film screenings happening over the course of 12 days.

Every year, Pick Me Up creates a fantastic opportunity for both young professionals and the public to exchange conversation and share ideas. The programme allows everyone to engage with the selected works produced by contemporary artists, designers, and illustrators from all sorts of backgrounds. It’s always hard to pick our favourites but here they are, the highlights of this year’s show.

Sope Studio

One of the things you wouldn’t want to miss at the festival this year is to join Sope Studio at ‘The Laboratory’. Sope Studio have collaborated with illustrators including Kyle Platts, Kate Copeland and many others to produce pieces of metallic geometric patterned tiles. They are now inviting visitors to print from these lovely tiles on site.

Blink Art Collective

Alongside their beautiful scratch-art style, here’s a chance for you to have some fun and get your hands dirty. Blink Art Collective have created a space for visitors to produce their own scratch-art illustrations. The artworks will later be put together by artist Rob Flowers to create a compilation book.


Risograph print and design studio Risotto’s charming display includes a colourful range of new prints, accessories and stationery. If you’re a big fan of dots, wiggly lines, organic shapes, patterns and bright colour palettes, you won’t be disappointed.

La Tigre

Highlights for this year also include La Tigre. We are absolutely enamoured with their use of simple layouts and geometric elements. Swing by their space to see their work in close-up – you’ll definitely fall in love with their limited edition screenprints!

Lazy Oaf

And last but not least, ‘A Fun Project’ by Lazy Oaf. Go visit and interact with their handcrafted space that shows off their distinctive style. We’re a big fan of Lazy Oaf and you can find out more about their fun project here.

For the full schedule of events, click here. Pick Me Up is open everyday from 10 to 6, Friday to Tuesday, and from 10 to 10 on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Anna Chayasatit

Anna Chayasatit

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