Pip & Pop’s Psychedelic Trip

posted by Marija Marc December 20, 2016

Tanya Schultz is an Australian artist working under the name of Pip & Pop. Her miniature landscapes and creatures make everyone reminisce about the childhood days. She was even asked by Romance Was Born to create the set for their spring/summer 2013 collection during Australian Fashion Week. Tanya’s work resembles a psychedelic fairy tale made out of food similar to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory; just like what you imagine a dream world to be like. To produce such work, she uses tons of coloured sugar and other funky materials: pompoms, glitter, beads, plastic flowers and tiny people. Previously a duo, Pip & Pop started a solo career in 2010 by exhibiting patterned prints in Japan’s gallery. Colourful motifs found in the prints have been a pillar point of Tanya’s work.






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