POP :: Pick Me Up Live T-Shirt Printing

posted by Marcroy March 18, 2012

We will be running a series of print workshops this year at Pick Me Up, one of which will be live T-Shirt Printing hosted by CopyEm. You will be able to select from a collection of awesome designs to print onto a teeshirt before your very eyes. We have a whole range of t-shirts and have been sponsored by the wonderful 123 Bethnal Green Road Store. (Click the plus for more info)

Designs by:

1. Sarah Mead
2. Chris Pell
3. Emily Forgot
4. Jez Burrows
5. Jim O’Raw
6. Karl Grandin
7. Micah Lidberg
8. Phomer
9. Sarah King
10. Seiko Kato
11. Ian Stevenson



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