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posted by Alice Harrison September 4, 2016

Striving to dress the personality rather than the body type, Collar, the fashion label hailing from Riga, Latvia, decorates their ever-evolving silhouettes with clean playful graphics, channelling the beauty of unconventionality through their swimwear and lingerie garments, perfectly sculpted to fit the body. For SS17, an exploration of the elements is apparent, conveying a conceptual narrative of a woman’s thirst through the application of multiple graphic raindrops, further doubling as a visual symbol for the contemporary human’s aspiration for balance, fulfilment, success and desire.

Collar Athirst8

Collar Athirst9

The dominance of the striking crimson colour palette subtly references the heat and drought association within the narrative, contrasting the power of the palette with the fragile beauty of the final designs, while hallucinating, heat stroke and sunburn define a selection of the contemporary collection.

Collar Athirst7

Collar Athirst4

Founded by art director and designer Monta Apsane, led together with writer Ieva Laube and photographed beautifully by Julia Prohorenkova, the conceptual depth and enviable styling comes as no surprise, with the constant combining of talents resulting in the unearthing of visual aesthetics through textual narrating.

Collar Athirst3

Athirst SS17 features an exclusive print by Monta Aspane, evoking a mysterious yet refined expression of beauty with an eccentric twist through the merging of high functionality and exceptional quality.

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