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posted by Alice Harrison April 21, 2016

Created with their beloved passion for crafts, photography, fashion and design always in mind, Hélène and Edouard of Cool Machine have undoubtedly fulfilled their aim of offering the unusual, the beautiful and of course, the cool through their graphic fuelled stationary, accessories and home ware.

Cool Machine8

Cool Machine is predominantly an online concept store but also acts a source of inspiration in regards to contemporary design which has been intelligently blended with vintage aesthetics. Their unique art crafts are continuously informed by the talents of emerging artists, ceramists, graphic designers etc. further enhancing the originality of the art crafts beautifully created. From grid pattern to ripped texture, the prints plastered all vary vastly, in turn offering a sophisticated selection of whimsical wonders.

Cool Machine7

Cool Machine2

Cool Machine10

Cool Machine12

Inject a sense of cool and an exploration of colour into your life with Cool Machine’s wonderful creations.

Cool Machine13

Cool Machine4

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