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Glossy SS15 by Sista studio

posted by Alice Harrison March 14, 2016

“Glossyfixion” – the term used to both describe the Glossy Collection SS15 project and express the generational signature as implemented through the futuristic aesthetic of the capsule collection. All forms of art, be it fashion, design or graphics represent a period of time, The Glossy Project signifies the aesthetic of the era upon us, the era belonging to that of the digital natives. Iridescent hues of pastel blues and pale pinks combine and contrast, illuminating the set and bathing the model in an artificial glow significant to the theme at hand.

The undeniable beauty embedded within every aspect of the lookbook, from the composition to the visual contrasts, withholding the power to attract, delight and seduce is all plucked from the genius of Sista studio. Curated by two French sisters, Lise Armand (Art Director / Graphic Designer) and Amandine Armand (Art Director / Fashion Designer), the duo has combined their talents resulting in the mesmerising and visually stimulating lookbook as seen below.

Sista studio2

Sista studio32

Sista studio31

Sista studio30

Sista studio29

Sista studio28

Sista studio27

Sista studio26

Sista studio25

Sista studio24

Sista studio23

Sista studio22

Sista studio21

Sista studio20

Sista studio19

Sista studio18

Sista studio17

Sista studio16

Sista studio15

Sista studio14

Sista studio13

Sista studio12

Sista studio11

Sista studio10

Sista studio9

Sista studio8

Sista studio7

Sista studio6

Sista studio5

Sista studio4

Sista studio3

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