GUNEE Homme: Mountain Trip

posted by Alice Harrison April 22, 2016

A heightened importance of quality and sustainability flourishes within GUNEE Homme’s distinctive designs. Founded by Eugen Laitenberger in 2014, an embedding of his talents in both fashion design and illustration are apparent, resulting in the contemporary prints and vivid pattern strikingly informing the menswear garments.

GUNEE Homme6

Only releasing a collection once a year, a sense of exclusivity is experienced while the quality focus of the brand is confidently ensured. Titled ‘Mountain Trip’, the 2016 collection combines dynamic pattern with the subtle nature reference intelligently involved. All prints are hand drawn by Laitenberger prior to the creation of the graphic garments, which are then further creatively emphasised through the use of digital art beautifully infusing the title through the mesmerising 3D forms.

GUNEE Homme5

GUNEE Homme9

GUNEE Homme3

GUNEE Homme8

GUNEE Homme11

GUNEE Homme4

GUNEE Homme12

GUNEE Homme10

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