Heidi and Hallbery

posted by Anna Chayasatit September 11, 2015

Friday has finally arrived and I decide to end the week in grand style with this exquisite set of silk scarves created by London-based print designers Heidi Pridham and Nick Hallbery. Having launched their first designs in June, ‘Heidy and Hallbery’ is now one of the most talked about topics in town. I guess we’re all big fans of kaleidoscopic patterns and I think it’s always exciting to see some striking prints that employ only the brightest hues.

The first four designs in the collection took inspiration from tropical flora. Working to support UK Manufacturers, Heidi Pridham and Nick Hallbery use only high-quality local materials for their products and make sure that they are 100% locally made. Rumour has it that some of their silk designs have already sold out. And we cannot wait to hear more about what’s cooking in their studio.

These beautiful photographs were taken by London-based photographer Benedict Morgan.

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