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posted by Alice Harrison March 3, 2016

A pastel pink cloud shadows Julie White’s studio, enabling the creation of the beautifully whimsical prints injected with originality and fun then etched onto her instantly recognisable fashion accessories.

Julie White2

Nature seems at the forefront of Julie White’s inspirations, detailing coral covered scarves and Midnight Reef Socks, while the collection Straya Nights allows for the immersion of oneself into an incredibly delicate exploration of Australia’s wilderness. From stunning silk scarves to ethereal stationary and quirky hosiery, all products are decorated with hand drawn prints and detail aspects of the iconic colour palette of pastel shades occasionally injected with rich accents developing a complimentary contrast.

Julie White3

Bold, originality and fun is what Julie White strives for and undoubtedly achieves. The accessories embed a sense of excitement and mystery building on the tradition of her Native Australia.

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