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posted by Alice Harrison March 5, 2017

With an embedded emphasis on uncovering the peculiarities and exposing the oddities of everyday life, LM Chabot infuse a perfect concoction of technique and instinct, sensitivity and objectivity into each of their whimsical creations. Staying ever true to their critical yet evocative lens, the duo are meticulous in their search for the unconventional, transforming elements of the mundane through the injection of a blissful absurdity.

A perfect example unveils in the form of Still Optimiste. What first began as a collaboration between LM Chabot, contemporary set designer Camille Boyer and visual artist Gabriella Laïla Tittley (Pony) to celebrate Tittley’s clothing collection resulted in an equally shared creative project, an intersection of three compatible universes where each artist expressed themselves individually while beautifully complimenting the contributions of their counterparts.

LM Chabot’s exquisite eye, or eyes, for composition and vivid aesthetic perfectly harmonises with the playful props and sense of wonder the imagery depicts.

To keep up to date with LM Chabot’s latest creative endeavours, follow the links below.

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