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Luis Venegas | PINK

posted by Alice Harrison February 26, 2017

From Fanzine137 and EY! Magateen to The Printed Dog and C☆NDY, Editor, Publisher and Creative Director Luis Venegas is continuously pushing boundaries within the indie magazine market, both in terms of envious aesthetic and the tackling of topics shy from the mainstream landscape. As of late, Venegas has collaborated with Colette to unveil an immersive exploration into the “undeniable queer history” of the colour pink.

Nan Goldin, Pink, 2016

PINK involves a curation of selected works which ooze the intensity and impact of the multi-faceted colour. From the fashion industry’s most renowned of idols of Juergen Teller, Bruce Weber and Ellen Von Unwerth to the emerging talents including Dexter Lander and Pierre Ange Carlotti, the talent exhibited belongs to contributors of Venegas’ magazines.

Leo Rydell Jost, Rose Dipped, 2016,

Bruce Weber, Clarke in Pink, Garden Beach, FL, 2013

Pink has a sweet, soft quality but it can also be controversial. I’ve always loved the duality of it.”

Luis Venegras, Dazed and Confused

Thomas McCarthy and June Kim, Niko & Anthony, New York, 2016

PINK is being held within Colette until March 18th and for those who can’t make it, the rose-tinted exhibition is being translated into print form as the concept of the next issue of Fanzine137, where the artworks featured and many more under the same theme will be yours to cherish forever.

Eric Zindorf, The New Dorf Order, New York, 2016

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