Restless Socks: Out past bed time

posted by Alice Harrison March 8, 2016

Created by two childhood best friends Kirra Thomas and Andrei Priplotski, even the initial creation of the brand is ever fitting regarding the feelings of 90’s childhood nostalgia the duo aim their socks to evoke. The Australian brand Restless Socks was launched in 2014 with an emphasis on both quality, infused within the reinforced heel and seamless toe, and visuals, illustrating the graphic fuelled garments with a combination of bold and pastel colour hues, confidently reminiscent of a sense of 90’s childlike wonder.

Restless Socks2

Titled Out past bed time the latest lookbook elicits that precious feeling of excitement experienced during childhood when up after dark. Photographed by Alexandra Drewniak and Alex Baulderstone, the models are shown climbing and playing on street equipment in reference to the adored exploring we once valued so dearly. The motion blur and intense flashing are significant in regards to emphasising that iconic 90’s feel.

Restless Socks3

Out past bed time advertises Restless Socks’ travel range, consisting of designs which have been influenced by cultural icons, then further injected with the creative twist we have come to know and love. Take the Japan sock as an example, a crimson banner acts as a backdrop while a crisp white skyline wraps around the calf of your leg, detailing Godzilla smashing through the cityscape. If this wasn’t enough to make your socks stand out, Godzilla’s head is featured on the foot and its claw on the bottom.

Restless Socks4

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Restless Socks: An adventure for your sole.

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