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posted by Jade Connolly July 12, 2016

Tyler Mitchell is an Atlanta born and raised skateboarder turned photographer-filmmaker. Working in both still and moving image, Mitchell’s work is diversified, standing at the cross roads of fashion, music, photography and film. Toeing the line between richness of detail and minimalism, Mitchell explores pure settings to showcase his playful compositions and rich colour palette.


Speaking about his style and it’s origin, Mitchell confesses “in high school I was always jealous of what the picture perfect cheerleaders had – their social autonomy, their beauty and all their drama.” Humorously describing himself as “a socially awkward black kid who refused the moulds of being an athlete, a rapper, or a nerd,” Mitchell aims to reflect these characteristics in making his work as colouristically thematic and, in his own words, as “beautifully problematic” as possible.


Selected for the Dazed 100 list of people who will shape culture in 2016, Mitchell continues to do so by way of editorial campaigns, backstage photography at concerts and fashion shows, and more experimental art photography.






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