Variety Hour Lookbook

posted by Alice Harrison March 3, 2016

Created using a mixture of pigment inks and gouache, then further digitized and re-worked, Variety Hour produce beautiful and fun injected products ranging from clothing to homeware to artwork, all detailing the undoubtable originality of the Melbourne based label.


Cassie Byrnes is the genius behind Variety Hour, embedding her talent in textile design resulting in the artworks, which prompt a striking exploration into colour, pattern and scale.  All elements of the collections are carefully considered and created in small quantities, ensuring both unique and timeless pieces to the limited garments; the SS16 collection is a perfect example of this.


Titled Gondwanaland, the reference to the Mesozoic era is confident, further explained by Byrnes in relation to the fact that no one knows for certain the details of the past and therefore no one can predict the future. Only our imagination can come to determine the ancient past of our planet thus prompting the element of fascination and the mystery both the future and the collection entails. The prints created all contain precious inspirations of both Cassie and the theme, with The Mesozoic print referencing the line formations in sedimentary rock.


Cassie Byrnes’ prints have already garnered a lot of popular attention, with Kuwaii and Verner already in her list of collaborations and it’s clear to see why. Check out Variety Hour here.





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