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13 Best Posts of 2013 by Lo Parkin

posted by Lo Parkin January 17, 2014

2013 has seen us cover some truly amazing talent, so I thought it would be nice to take a look back and highlight a selection of my personal favourite features from the past year…

People of Print Best Posts 2013 Best of Year

In alphabetical order:

Bob Mazzer
Bob Mazzer is a Photographer that was born and bred in Aldgate, East London. I couldn’t get enough of his pictures from the tube, and neither could our readers. “Every day, I travelled to Kings Cross and back. Coming home late at night, it was like a party and I felt the tube was mine and I was there to take pictures.” – Bob Mazzer

Chris Anderson
Northern Illustrator Chris Anderson likes to ‘get crafty’ and 2013 saw Chris get commissioned by Leeds street wear retailer The Chimpstore to hand-craft iconic Adidas kicks made entirely from cardboard.

HangFire (SatOne & ROIDS) HangerOne Project :: Icarus_13
The HangerOne Project is a program of painted aero planes, organised by HangFire – a Bristol based family of artists that create artwork and events/exhibitions to inspire the graffiti art community. 2013 saw Hangfire team up with SatOne and ROIDS to paint a HUGE 737 plane.

ICARUS_13 ft. SAT ONE & ROIDS from Hangfire on Vimeo.

Jason Gowans
Jason Gowans is a Photographer based in Vancouver. We love his sculptural photographs creating 3D structures based on 2D images capturing breathtaking landscapes and ‘the true vastness and expansive beauty of the Earth.’

Kelly Angood :: Videre
The anticipation and creation of the London based designer Kelly Angood’s flatpack D.I.Y pinhole camera was highly celebrated this year at People of Print. The success of this remarkable project was truly well deserved and refreshing as Kelly made a medium format camera accessible for everyone.

Nadine Tropschuh
Printmaker Nadine Tropschuh uses many methods and layers to create beautiful hypnotic and warped images, with a portfolio that takes us on a textured and colourful journey through both her surroundings and experiences.

Nina Manandhar
London based Photographer Nina Manandhar describes youth culture and inner city life through her imagery, we loved her project using her photojournalistic skills to document a group of girls preparing and rehearsing for Notting Hill Carnival.

Oscar Whale
Oscar Whale is a Printmaker and Designer who’s amazing portfolio depicts psychedelic screen-printed patterns across 2 & 3D media. Since graduating from LCC in 2013 Oscar has certainly been a busy guy, currently working freelance, setting up a print studio, as well as working as a print Technician at LCC. Furthermore and most recently, Oscar ran a screen-printing studio in conjunction with District MTV at the Design museum printing tote bags in collaboration with Illustrator Chris Harley. The immensely talented graduate is definitely one to keep an eye on and is with out a doubt one of our favourite up-and-coming designers.

Print Club & Urban Cottage Industries
2013 Saw the launch of #Cardpress – a collaboration between Print Club London and Urban Cottage Industries. Both companies have their heart and soul in traditional printing techniques, something we have a huge respect for here at People of Print. Together they invited friends and fans to an evening that involved getting inky and the chance to see a Linotype machine working that was truly incredible. We’re hyped to see what they’ll be upto in the year ahead.

Romain Trystram
Roman Trystram is an Artist currently based in Paris that works in the realms of Illustration, Art Direction and Graphic Design. Romain’s stunning project ‘Reflexions Faites’ features a series of illustrations depicting light and reflections in cities at night capturing a real sense of atmosphere.

Sam Hamer
Sam Hamer is an Illustrator and Print enthusiast and here at People of Print we can’t get enough of his tactile and humerous imagery. Alongside working freelance, Sam has recently volunteered at his local college to set up a screen printing space (with his colleague Fiona) teaching small groups of students the basics of print and colour separation. With a brand new website in the making, you can check out what he’s upto via his blog & facebook.

Tyrsa :: Air Jordan 5 ‘Grapes’
Hyped for the return of the early 90s classic kicks, French Graphic Designer Aleis Taieb (aka Tyrsa) created mad heavy type quoting Jordan himself for a wicked video directed by Axel Morin and Julien Capelle.

TYRSA for JORDAN from Axel & Julien on Vimeo.

The Williams Sisters
Exhibiting with Beach London, the Williams Sisters project ‘Sports Cheeses’ was undoubtedly one of our favourite finds at Pick Me Up 2013.

Lo Parkin

Lo Parkin

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