Beckʼs Launches Art Labels 2013

posted by Marcroy July 9, 2013

The Beckʼs Art Labels project is back with a bang. Beck’s are pulling together six exciting artists, Kid Cudi, Marc Ecko, Willis Earl Beal, The Date Farmers, TM Sisters and William Hundley. Each artist will be giving their unique creative spin on the iconic Beckʼs bottle. The artists were chosen by Beck’s on account of their groundbreaking, multi-disciplinary approach to art and music and will be supporting them by showcasing their artworks on 13.2 million labels, creating the worldʼs largest stage for artists.

From William Hundleyʼs Umberto, a dynamic label that invokes a sense of wonder through a futurist photograph, to Willis Earl Bealʼs black and white sketch Nobody Knows, epitomizing his ethos of “Weʼre each nothing. Weʼre all everything”, Beckʼs gives artists an extraordinary canvas to broadcast their creative vision.



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