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Have you got the Monday blues, browsing the internet wishing it was still the weekend? Well don’t worry we have it covered, grab a cup of coffee and have scroll through our latest list of the best Instagram posts from the past couple of weeks to ease yourself back into work, all of which have used our #printspotters. Don’t forget to follow them, and also use #printspotters when you upload your photos via Instagram for a chance to see them in our next roundup…


Instagram is a great platform and is accessible for anyone to share their latest projects, events, workshops, prints and products with the world. At People of Print we love browsing our latest feeds and exploring your posts, we always find amazing work and discover great new talents which sometimes even go on to be featured on our website. Our own Instagram profile is a daily source of inspiration, keeping our followers up to date with not only what we have been up to but also what print enthusiasts from around the world have been capturing and sharing via Instagram. A great way for you to share your snaps with us and to ensure we see your work simply use the #printspotters hashtag. We regularly regram our favourites via our own profile.

Studio Wall

A photo posted by George Greaves (@georgegreaves_) on

FOLD #printspotters photo by @allisonbaete

A photo posted by People of Print Ltd (@peopleofprint) on

Nice and bright on that tray today!

A photo posted by Vicky Day (@woah_there_pickle) on

Tools of the trade 🔨🔩

A photo posted by S A M (@samscales) on

Palette #tropical #textile #fabric #design #print #printspotters #marble #worktable #ink #linocut #cool #things

A photo posted by Elena Campa – Studio Arturo (@elena___campa) on

This is the first of this poster design. I’ve never attempted a “Split Fountain” print. It is so cool once the ink blends. I know I can get better at this now that I know what to expect. I ran 15 prints. 1 is super good. The others look like they spent the month traveling with the Dead in the 90’s. Groovy but a little, let’s just say “off”. Not crazy about this photo. Usually the light in my living room is great in the morning for photographing. Maybe it’s the colors in this piece, but, it does not capture what I am seeing. It could also be the limitations of digital. GO INK+PAPER! Soon, I will be in my new studio where All this will be under one roof. Follow me to learn more about my move to @MADEONSTATE in Rochester, New York. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + #mydarndest #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #typography #typographie #handpulled #screenprint #screenprinting #printisntdead #printaintdead #printisnotdead #printspotters #serigrafia #serigraphy #PrintOn #splitfountain

A photo posted by Bill Klingensmith (@mydarndest) on

Our workshop colour reference guide. #risograph #risographsg #riso #risosg #printspotters #knucklesandnotch

A photo posted by Knuckles & Notch (@knucklesandnotch) on

Here it is in action – Anglia Pale Blue #woodtypewednesday #letterpress #printisntdead #printspotters

A photo posted by jostafford (@jostafford) on

Endless print days ❤️ #risograph #riso #studiolife #selfpublish #printspotters #printisntdead

A photo posted by Magdalena Wysocka (@wysocka.magdalena) on

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