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posted by Marcroy January 22, 2013

COGO = collect, assemble, gather together, urge encourage. Cogo house and it’s collective was born through the idea of bringing together talented emerging artists and designers through social medias. Their aim is to support these artists by offering regular commissions and providing a space to showcase and sell their unique and captivating works. The Cogo team is made up of a group of friends and family with a shared passion for art and design, who work in creative industries, based between Oslo and London. The creative diversity of each of the Cogo house team is reflected in the collective, resulting in an expressive body of inspiring works which they will exhibit and promote at a series of events across the UK and Norway.

At it’s core Cogo house acts as an innovative platform, shop and meeting place, supporting and showcasing new artists and providing useful tools for developing their practice. We search the globe scouting for creative talent, hand picking a diverse range of artists to become part of our collective. Selected artists are then commissioned to create unique high quality limited edition prints which are exclusive to COGO house.

Each print is individually hand finished, numbered and embossed and each edition also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. Their collective is constantly growing and they regularly commission new artists to keep their collection fresh.

They have just commissioned our second batch of artists, so new prints will be arriving on the website very soon, then they will be releasing some special editions throughout the year. We also have some exciting competitions, collaborating with people in different industries which are open to the Cogo Collective with the purpose of exposing the artists to a broader market. These will be announced throughout the year through the Facebook and Twitter pages.

They also have some exciting events planned for the near future, along with some special sales and offers. These are all announced through the Facebook and Twitter pages also, so follow them to keep informed.



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