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Department Store Vendor Interview | Nounua

posted by Hannah Dawson July 30, 2015

Today we are bringing you another of our insightful Department Store Vendor interviews, this time with the Barcelona based Nounua, which is an ongoing project by visual artist/designer Gráinne Nagle. Designing and producing prints in her preferred medium of screen printing, Gráinne has created a series of prints titled ‘Elements’ which are available to purchase via Department Store. Merging her creative backgrounds in both fine art and graphic design, simultaneously balancing the two disciplines, has resulted in Nounua producing prints which can be collated and curated at your pleasure. Concerns such as space, repetition, geometry and shapes, are all integral to her work and her love for print is certainly favorable with us!

Enjoy reading the interview in full below…


Can you tell us a little about your background and where your passion for print stemmed from?

Yes of course. When I first went to Art school years ago I had originally planned to study graphic design, but somehow got swayed into studying painting. I think a part of me always wondered ‘what if’ regarding graphic design, so I went back to IADT a few years later to study it. It was then my passion for print came about. The tutors there, in particular Dave Smith, were the ones who instilled a love of print in me, and it always remained with me.

What are the main influences on your work?

It’s mainly the things I see on a daily basis. The things that are mundane or insignificant to most people, I see geometry, space, colour and pattern, which I then translate to my work.


How do you approach new projects? What is your thought and production process?

I usually find that when I’m working on a particular project, a new idea emerges naturally, I then take that idea and develop it into something else. Because I’m currently working from my home studio, that puts limitations on the production process due to space etc. So that basically dictates the size of the screens I use and the amount of work I produce for example.


What has been your favourite or most rewarding print based project you have worked on so far?

Well I have been working on various random projects over the last year or so, but I feel like the first series I produced, entitled Elements has been one of the most rewarding so far. Simply because it started out as just an experiment and ended up as an accomplished series of prints.

What was it about the Department Store that made you want to be a part of it and sell your lovely prints?

The thing that drew me to the Department Store is that it’s run by People of Print. I think it is such an incredible undertaking to promote print and keep the passion for print alive. Since the Department Store is an extension of this, I jumped at the chance to be part of it also!


In your opinion what is it about print that engages the audience/ consumer?

Print has several qualities that are quite rare in this fast growing technological world. First it has a tactile quality…it can also be something very personal, particularly if it’s a limited edition or customised for example. And although print can be mass produced, it’s still nowhere near as transient as the internet.


As you know the latest issue of Print Isn’t Dead (Element 003) is focused around the themes of customisation and instantaneous print processes, how do you think your work links to this? And if it doesn’t would you consider adding these elements to your work?

Because of how I work and the method of screen printing I use, I don’t use customisation, it’s not really feasible. But, although I don’t use it directly in the work itself, I like to work in series’ rather than one off pieces, and the idea for me is that the buyer can purchase more than one piece and ‘customise’ or curate how they put those pieces together. And so, by doing this they also become part of the creative process…I really like that idea and want to explore this concept more.

How do you feel about customisation/personalisation of print or products?

I think it’s great…it just adds more value to the product, making it both unique and personal.


What do you think is the most exciting thing/trend happening within the print based scene right now?

I definitely think there’s a sort of renaissance going on at the moment with print, most notably with risograph printing, and I think it’s fantastic!

What are your general thoughts and feeling towards digital printing currently?

Everything serves a purpose of course, but maybe there’s too much digital printing going on when it comes to art reproduction for example? Well I guess there are pro’s and con’s for that.


If you could only pick one word to go on the front cover of our Element 003 magazine, what would it be and why?

Fear. Just because it’s such a powerful word and transmits intrigue. The word ‘fear’ itself puts fear in people I think. And although it does have a negative connotation, it can be also be a positive thing…it’s something I’m personally trying to conquer (especially when it comes to work)…aren’t we all I guess.

Outside of your work what do you love doing?

I’m a huuuuuge music fan. So I’m always listening to something, and I try to go see as many live acts as I can…unfortunately not as much as I’d like to though!


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