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posted by Marcroy April 9, 2013

Graham Tait has been working on North for over two years now. Although he knew he wanted to do something with his photography he wasn’t really sure what form it would take. Digital photography now probably makes up 95% of the photography in most skateboard magazines, but he still shoots on film. With so many new photographers coming up and shooting digital, he feels there is room for another publication that is aimed more at traditional film photography.

Graham’s favourite skate magazines are always the photo issues, and that’s the feel the he wants to give out with North by trying to give more emphasis on the photos with a simple and clean layout.

He doesn’t dislike digital, as he uses it himself to shoot sequences, he says “you just can’t beat the quality you get from film. The whole process of shooting a roll, getting it developed, then waiting to see how the photos have turned out, for me, that’s what photography is. I’m not in a hurry, I don’t have any real deadlines, and with North I can take my time, get it how I want, and hopefully people will be stoked on it.”

North will hopefully be printed twice a year, available at local skate shops. The first issue is all of his own photographs. He wanted to do the first one himself to see if he could, like a personal photo project.

Graham then goes on to say, “hopefully photographers will be into what I’m trying to do, and would like to contribute in the future. A lot of time and effort went in to making the first issue of North. I’d like to thank all the skaters that let me photograph them and all the people who helped me out and gave me advice along the way. I hope you enjoy it.”

We sure enjoy it.



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