Tamasyn Gambell

posted by Emma Fisher August 1, 2013

Tamasyn believes in high quality and timeless design using the most eco friendly methods available. Their production runs are small, minimising waste and surplus goods and it is the company’s belief that style does not have to suffer in order to be environmentally friendly – what a great green philosophy!

After working for numerous high-end fashion and trend agencies she found the fast paced and mass produced fashions available today leaves little time for reflection and decided to set up a company that would strive to produce luxurious considered designs whilst upholding a responsibility to work in the most environmentally and socially responsible methods available.

They handprint all of their materials in their London based studio using organic dyes and water based inks. She supports manufactures from all over the country including hand made paper from a one hundred year old paper mill, to a textile recycling unit in Nottingham to source vintage scarves – all of which are then individually printed by Tamasyn.

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