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posted by Anna Chayasatit January 6, 2015

It’s the beginning of 2015 and the spotlight is on this project by Chris Fritton. After almost 6 years working as a studio director of the Western New York Book Arts Center, Chris Fritton has decided to embark on an artistic journey across the United States with an aim to build bridges between nationwide print communities consisting of contemporary printmakers, woodcutters and print shops. Writer, letterpress practitioner and now tramp printer Chris Fritton will be traveling 30,000 miles coast to coast and visiting letterpress print shops, universities, book arts centres, and presses across the United States in order to create unique print desirables at each venue and deliver them back to fans and supporters.

Inspired by the black art of printing, this ambitious journey is a celebration of experimental concepts and practice in handset typography. Printmaking involves the senses of sight and touch and by strengthening the hand of emerging printmaking artists, exchanging ideas with people who are bound together by techniques and common interests, this excursion will, without doubt, yield the truly groundbreaking changes in the print world.

“…it’s also about reviving a sense of adventure in printing, along with the analog sharing of information. It’s about going out into the world, seeking work based on your skill set, making something with your hands, and delivering that object to someone. It’s about an exchange of ideas, of techniques, of information, of style, and of the consummation of all those things: prints.”

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