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posted by Anna Chayasatit May 5, 2014

People tend to assume that all disposable camera models are the same – a wee misunderstanding when talking about this fascinating piece of technology first invented half a century ago. In reality, some of them come with either a flash option or a specific film speed or include even more special features such as panoramic and/or zoom lenses, not to mention that most of them are also waterproof. This single-use camera might be one of the least popular tools for analogue photography compared to Polaroid or Lomography. However it is the most favoured device amongst Through Whose Crew who try to turn one-way communication into interactive dialogue using this affordable, expendable camera.

Through Whose Crew serves as a hub for worldwide explorers. They have been collecting and curating photos taken from all corners of the world with 35mm disposable cameras since the beginning of 2012. They attach great importance to intangible qualities, trying to build bridges between people from different regions by encouraging them to exploit the easy-to-use functions of this neutral, non-intrusive camera and share their stories. Anyone can contribute their photos to Through Whose Crew via the Get Involved page on their website. It is user-friendly and it is not just an item to take on your next holiday, instead it is all about getting unplugged, going out there, connecting with people and creating everlasting memories.

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