Two Times Elliott: 25 for 25 night

posted by Miranda Foxx December 8, 2012

A night of risograph printing hosted by design studio Two Times Elliot at the Great Western Studios on the night of the private view proved to be a busy and aesthetically pleasing. There were illustration, print, textiles, jewellery, you name it on display and for sale and not to mention alcohol too. Quite the crowd turned up to riso print a range of graphics, typography and illustration and no prints looked the same with the amazing range of papers up for grabs not to mention the delicious colour choices. Florescent pink was quite the hit. Whilst waiting we got to hang out in the oh so swish studio too and not to mention all the freebies. If you haven’t been to one of the guys 25for25 nights, i highly recommend it.
Designs shown by Yasmin Hayat- explosion illustration, Aaron Dawkins- type poster, Phaedra Longhurst- pineapple design and myself- collage illustration.

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