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posted by Amber Weaver October 20, 2016

Creating mystical, feminine and fabulously bold work is Latvian illustrator, graphic designer and printmaker Agnese Taurina. Printing being her favourite mode of expression and signature medium, the designer takes her audience to a sensual and magical world. A recent Central Saint Martin’s graduate, Taurina currently works  between Riga and London on editorial, book design and various fashion projects. Inspired by Eastern mystics, womanhood, cultural layers of the past and the V&A Museum, Agnese Taurina presents her latest series of art prints.

agnese_taurina_printprint_agnesetaurinaExploring states of mind such as such as contemplation, pleasure, trance and ecstasy.  Her interests in Ancient Greek and Indian philosophy, design history and yoga often manifests in her works.

print_agnese_taurinaThis piece depicts a Himalayan Tiger. The Sanskrit text in Devanāgarī script, “Nara-śārdūlaḥ”, is an epithet often seen in classical Sanskrit literature describing an eminent person. It literally means “tiger among men” or “man-tiger”.

PrintTaurina also challenges and discusses political issues within her illustrations, when descibing her Nature/Culture art print series. ‘[This collection] explores our relationship to nature and the advance of technology which has allowed humans to dominate nature, and at the same time created nostalgic longing for nature. However, the contemporaries are not ready for the challenges that untamed nature pose. Therefore, the nature must still be ‘culturalised'”.

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You can check out her work via her website or Instagram!

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