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Delicious Postcards by Joe Haddad

posted by Cara Bray April 29, 2015

Whilst browsing the internet this week, graphic designer Joe Haddad’s ‘Delicious Postcards’ certainly caught my eye. Based in New York, his good-enough-to-eat doodles were a result of a visit to one of the city’s many food vendors. A simple and playful idea proving design and food are an unmatchable recipe when served together.

“The Delicious Postcards were inspired by a trip I made to Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop for a classic pastrami sandwich. It was a brutal, snowy New York City day and I was struck by the splendor of the hot sandwich and the old-world stylings of the sandwich shop. I doodled a cross section of my lunch on a napkin and decided that other people should love tasty sandwiches the way I do. What better way to inform others of my appreciation for this humble meal than to literally send them images of my favorite NYC snacks? Thus, the postcard as a medium. Reference for both the illustrations and the typography on the backside of the card was pulled from the rounded plastic type common on deli special boards behind the counter. I envision the Delicious Postcards as a series that can evolve with my palette as I explore the rainbow of cuisines available in NYC.”

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