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Kateryna Zabusova

posted by Beatriz Camargo August 9, 2017

Kateryna is a graphic designer currently based in Pilsen, Czech Republic, who has recently concluded her MA at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art at the University of West Bohemia. Her thesis was built around the Corporate Identity for Grandpapír, a Czech company that sells high quality paper, cardboard, foil, and others. The designer created a distinctive and dynamic identity by designing a logotype as a constructive element with a clear and simple message. This was a key part of the project which ensured a coherent visual language on all print materials. The logotype’s structure resembles stacked sheets of paper and has multiple variants. Kateryna also created additional elements to add to Grandpapír’s visual language which made it more varied. The company’s visual identity was printed on different types of paper, sold by the company, which also contained information about the brand and each specific type of paper. This way, the chosen paper type was also a distinctive part of the company’s presentation.

Besides branding, Kateryna also works with typography, packaging and poster design.

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