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Shanti Sparrow — Oh Hey!

posted by Jade Connolly May 25, 2016

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Jessica Walsh, Paula Sher and Jing Zhang, Shanti Sparrow has recently been named one of Canva’s ’33 Women Doing Amazing Things in Graphic Design’. Working at boutique studio, Bug Communication, Sparrow creates conceptual design for not-for-profit appeals and specialises in great tag lines.


Providing a tongue-in-cheek approach, Sparrow’s ‘Oh Hey!’ zine is a way to observe her light hearted and quirky design approach in it’s complete form.


Inspired by the aesthetic and format of comic books, Oh Hey! tells a story, through the use of humour, in little bite size chunks; each frame introduces new content to build into a full story. The zine itself mimics this visual language of a comic book by using a modular grid structure and stylised dots and lines, as well as holding emphasis on clean and refined typography. Using bright, pastel colours to create a playful look, and avoiding photographs and images, the structure and minimal graphics provide interest.



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