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posted by Amber Weaver September 16, 2016

Bursting with tropical colours, bizarre characters and playful narratives, Anna Haifisch’s illustrations can be described as no less than beautifully simple and wonderfully weird. At a young age Anna was inspired by illustrated books and comics, and then, as she got older, become more interested in art in a general sense. Illustration came later when she went to study illustration at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig.




The artists colour palette is one of the defining features of her work. Limiting to very few colours in her designs, this decision originates from when she used to work at a screen printing studio where she had to pick only a few colours to work with.

frogg-30-anna-haifisch frogg-31-anna-haifisch japanriso you-1-anna-haifisch

In terms of the colours, Anna feeds the viewer a fruit cocktail of tangy oranges, lemon yellows and candy pinks, her editions bursting with vibrance and wit. A second defining feature of her work is the quirky little characters that appear in the designers narratives. Each character plays their part in a story, sometimes relating to the artists own life and person, sometimes totally fictional, and these can be found on Vice.

sinclairs_haifisch1 sinclairs_haifisch2 sinclairs_haifisch3 you-2-anna-haifisch you-3-anna-haifisch you-4-anna-haifisch

Anna’s plans for the future consist of continuing to work in her shared studio and to concentrate more on writing perhaps a novel, a poem, whilst still showing off her talent as a illustrator. 


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