Joseph Vass

posted by Amber Weaver September 8, 2016

Setting the scene with bold colours and delicate lines, silkscreen artist Joseph Vass invites the viewer into his utopian paradise. This proficient artist lives and works in London, spending hours sketching on his light box before creating larger than life colourful pieces that are silkscreened or used commercially in print, web, or advertising. Obsessed with experimenting, and incredibly skilled with ink and brush, the designers minimal approach to his ideas and fabrications allow them to be adapted across many platforms.


Vass is most famous for his tropical use of colour, combining fact and fiction to produce narrative forms that guide the viewer through his imaginary land of illustrations.



Among the beautiful prints of Vassland, it’s inhabitants include El Tigre, Kroc Kola, flamingos and many other illustrative creatures. From these conceptions Vass has applied them into producing the beginnings of a Vassland clothing collection, framed prints, company campaigns and so on.



The designer’s clients include Sky One, Film4, ASOS, Giraffe restaurants, Anomaly, Somerset House, Print Club London, Hardie Grant Books, The Queen of Hoxton and Le Cool magazine.

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